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Thread: Whomping Wily!

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    Default Whomping Wily!

    I used to be an expert on the Mega Man games. It seems like a decade of not playing any of them has taken its toll on my Wily-whomping skills.

    Either that, or 9 and 10 (in normal mode) are a hell of a lot more difficult than the first three games were.

    I can clear the eight bosses in those games, but Dr. Wily's Castle gets me every - fucking - time. Heh.

    Any other Mega Man fans in the room?

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    Yep. Good ole classic platforming. Played and beat 9 a while back. Still have to get around to playing 10. MM2 was my favorite, although I suppose it's just for nostalgic reasons. They are all pretty similar once you get down to it

    And yes, Dr. Wily is a supreme ass for making such sadistic castles. Why can't he just make a normal, non-deadly one for once? Instant death spikes...grrrrr!

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