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Thread: Anyone heard of these 3 diapers?

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    Default Anyone heard of these 3 diapers?

    I was looking at videos online and stumbled upon this....
    YouTube - Amateur Diaper 009

    I have NEVER seen or heard about any of those diapers. He lists them if you did not catch the names they wore...Kolibri ComSlip, Supreme Classic Fit, then the last one he just calls "Perfect medium" without giving the brand. Anyone know what the heck that third one is or seen any of the first two before? I thinked the second one looked like my favorite cause it was plain white and seemed pretty thick, so probably good with absorbancy. I liked the third one too, but did not like the pink prints, if they were a bluish, boyish print it would probably be my favorite.

    So what you guys think, seen them, hear of them, or opinions on them?

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    I did a quick search on the first brand and found it listed a couple of times on eBay(Not US). The item has already ended and it's in a different language, but here ya go.

    1 Paket Kolibri Comslip XS 38-60cm Windeln Bettnässen bei Windeln (endet 23.04.08 14:00:38 MESZ)

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    Those are diapers from overseas... you can't get them here.

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    Funny... they don't have Secure/Bambino or Dry 24/7 in Europe.

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    But they have Molicare and Abena(Though, you can get those in the US).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
    Kolibri ComSlip,

    Supreme Classic Fit,

    then the last one he just calls "Perfect medium" without giving the brand.
    1. Somewhere I have heard of them. It's sounds familiar.
    2. I got a smilliar one to that. (check my gallery(should be there))
    3. Never heard of.

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    But you can get them in the us by ordering from overseas sites, tons of sites that have worldwide shipping.

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    though international shipping costs are outrageous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    why does europe produce all the good diapers?
    Because the US is cheap? =P

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