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    Default Hello.

    Hello to all the cute babies and diaper lovers!

    My name is Mommy Clair, I just found this site today. I hope to meet some new friends here. If you want to know a little bit more about me please look at my profile.

    Thank you,

    -Mommy Clair

    I've been asked to add a little bit about how I became a Mommy... Well, here it is!

    Awhile back I was in a kinky relationship I was a submissive. I stayed in the relationship for about three years. Something had always seemed to be missing and I wasn't truly full filled with being submissive. I had a chance to dominant to a female submissive at a party and I went for it.

    It was empowering! I loved ever second of it. After I spent some time under the mentorship of a friend who helped me to improve on my dominant skills. Things such as paddles and crops, contracts, emotional bondage and mental bondage. I had several different partners that I played with. It had been a year and a male submissive I was playing with told me about age play. I had some idea of what it was before but he made it more clear.

    I delved into age play which lead to infantilism. I found my niche! While I do love giving spankings and punishments and humiliation play I also loved the tender side of being a female Mommy. When I was with an average submissive I didn't get that as much as with being with a adult baby.

    At a point I did try wearing diapers and although I do find them sexual in nature for me it is very rare that I wear them. I did attempt to try the opposite side of life and I was a little girl offline for some time. I wasn't comfortable with it. It seemed that I just prefer being the Mommy.

    I have taken care of little boys offline but not little girls. At one point I had an underground nursery but it didn't go very far. It was too costly to keep up and running.

    There you have it that's how I got to where I am now. I've been in the lifestyle for close to elven years now and I love it and wouldn't give it up for anything. I still attend parties and I do have the occasional offline partner. Female or male. But right now I am not looking for something offline on a regular basis. I am working on getting a degree in college. All Mommies need their, "Me," time eventually.

    -Mommy Clair
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    Hello, Mommy Clair! It's always great to see a new mommy join ADISC , lol :P An underground nursery? Wow! That's a huge undertaking. What kind of degree are you working towards?

    Anyways, it's great to hear from you, and welcome to ADISC! We all look forward to hearing more from you in the future.


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    Welcome to ADISC!

    However, while you have told us all about your AB/DL interests and experiences, you haven't mentioned much about your non-AB/DL interests and hobbies. Here at ADISC, we aren't solely focused around AB/DL stuff, but rather around the people who make up this great community. I noticed that you are in college currently...what field are you majoring in? If you need help coming up with things to say one of the top contributors mods wrote a great post titled Cheat Sheet to a Great Introduction.

    Also as a side note: I noticed in your profile under personal space that you wrote that you are a professional mommy and invited people to email or message you if they are interested in your services. Since there are minors on the site, personal ads are prohibited, so I highly recommend you remove that entire section from your profile.

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    HogansHeroes is right, offering a service to fulfil others' fetishes and sexual fantasies on a site with people under 18 probably isn't the best idea, and may be against the rules.

    While I appreciate that there are people who would be interested in your services, ADISC is not the place to advertise them. I also appreciate that it is your first day, and as such you've had little opportunity to get a feel for what sort of place this is.

    You should definitely tell us a bit more about yourself, outside of the *B/DL world. We aren't just a group of diaper fetishists (or whatever label you want to put on yourself), we are regular people, with regular lives, regular hobbies and interests who just happen to like wearing diapers. We talk about everything, from science to religion, politics, sports, history, television, movies, video games.... the list goes on. We connect with each other not because we like diapers, but because we also share other common interests.

    So, get to know the place, maybe pop in the IRC Chat for a while just to observe, browse through the forums, and hopefully, you'll decide that you want to be a part of the community. In which case I look forward to hearing a lot more about you.

    If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask! =)

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    Hello again,

    I wasn't aware that there were minors here. I had no idea. I have my own qualms about speaking to minors, it just makes me feel uncomfortable. I did pop into the IRC chat yesterday and it was alot of fun.

    I am studying to get my AA at this point. I'm not working towards a major yet. I am getting my AA in hopes to find a good quality paying job. Creative writing seems to jump out at me however it doesn't seem like a good career move, I'm not about to be a starving artist. I'm already a starving college student!

    As far as my life outside of kink: I love books. My favorite genre is sci-fi, and fantasy. I love to learn I make it a goal to learn something new everyday. I love to swim, and to paint. I don't watch sports I'd rather play them. I love to watch movies, I prefer suspense and thrillers. I have a dog and a cat. My dog is a Lhasa apso mix, I have had her for four years now I adopted her from a shelter.

    I live in Texas although I am originally from Minnesota. I travel to Minnesota three or four times a year to see family. I love taking long drives, and I love to travel.

    As far as advertising... Well, in these economical times I need to provide myself with some sort of income. Where I live there are fifty jobs to one person. Really. So, why not do something that I already love to do? I'm not a fake, and I'm not in it solely to make a profit.

    At one point I did have a nursery and it was great. I had alot of fun and was able to give people what the needed and desired. I love to see stress melt right off of my play partners face! Its amazing! Unfortunately I couldn't keep the nursery running. The time and effort to keep it running and the cost of keeping it going dragged me under. People don't realize just how much it takes to run something like this until they have had a hand in it.

    My personal add has been removed by a moderator. That's fine. I'm not going to lie I was disappointed to see that. However, if that is something they don't want to see I will respect and honor it.

    I do want to point out that fantasies and relationships require a give and take even if they are only online. There has to be an equality of some type. I'm simply making it easier to make it an equality. Agree or disagree with me you have every right.

    -Mommy Clair

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