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Thread: along comes a panfer..

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    Default along comes a panfer..

    hullo, i'm just another one of those little furs.. i really love playing online video games with other people, usually my friends.. i play a lot of games on steam, and i play league of legends, which is awesome for being free, and i play minecraft.. which is incredibly addictive. x.x online games aren't the only i play, i have a ps3 and have recently purchased resistance 2(beat resistance 1 and never got around to playing the sequal) and resistance 3 is coming out soon so i gotta beat it fast. >< uhm.. aside from video games i like to draw.. not that i'm any good yet, but i will be soon! listening to music while i do all of these things, all kinds of music from girly stuff like imogen heap and jem, to hard stuff like metallica and foo fighters.. not too hard cause i like to be able to understand what the singers are singing. xD i also enjoy skateboarding but it's hard to get out and find the energy to do it.. i recently bought a brand new skateboard(expensive things to put together.. x.x) and have barely used it.. (cystic fibrosis is tiring).. i'm a pretty quiet person, mostly because i'm shy, but also because i like to observe and listen more than i like to lead conversations.. don't get me wrong, i love getting involved in discussion, i just don't often have much to say. xD i enjoy making people laugh, usually with a well placed, carefully executed witty comment and a goofy grin. ;3

    i'm hoping i can make some friends here so that when i'm hangin out (online or otherwise)i don't have to 'hide' so to speak. i'm pretty shy and very inexperienced about my little side, but i know it's there.. paci, plushie, toons and all. i'm also a kitty.. black leopard furry thing.

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    it nice to have you hear. do you play WOW

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    nu uh, i tried to play wow got to level 45 and then i got bored.. lol.. .-. my favorite types of online games are first person shooters! team fortress2 they have a babyfur server that i like to play on.

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    There is a Baby-fur tf2 server? Gimmie the IP, and I might check it out :P

    Aside from that, I take you do allot of scouting of some kind, or do sea cadets? Seems like you're showing off your knot skills by your avatar. I went to scouts, I know a knot or two. It must of been hard to tie your own wrists. Might be embarrassing to having to ask some one else helping you out of your tied up state!

    But yeah, you don't seem to be a person of few words as you described yourself as :P

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    i went through and got their client to purchase the game, but any store will sell it.. i prefer having digital copies of games cause then i dun have to worry about disks n stuff.

    absolutely. xD is here.. :3 the knots weren't tied by me, they were tied by my room mate.
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    I was on that server today. I has hoping it did some various interesting mods. But it just seemed like any other normal TF2 server to me :P And when ever I play that game there is a major upgrade. There are more new official maps I haven't played on and game types etc... I feel like I am missing out!

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    i like the game just as it is anyway, it's the crowd there that makes me enjoy playing, they're ab friendly n so we can be ourselves, there isn't a bunch of meanness all over the place like in most other servers. xD and yeah.. the new weapon sets are out, i think you can still find them randomly but now there's an option to buy them.. and i ain't about to do that.. i'd rather just play the game until i found everything. :3 i wanna play with you next time you decide to. ^-^

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    Hey, panfer! Welcome!

    Your name is pretty unique! How'd you come up with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    Hey, panfer! Welcome!

    Your name is pretty unique! How'd you come up with it?

    well is like a panther, only pint sized. :3

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