View Poll Results: What is your preferred method of buying diapers?

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  • Supermart/Megamart (Walmart etc)

    9 14.52%
  • Internet (Abuniverse)

    31 50.00%
  • Pharmacies

    15 24.19%
  • Others

    7 11.29%
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Thread: What is your preferred method of buying diapers?

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    Default What is your preferred method of buying diapers?

    For me, I have limited choices because I'm a teen and I'm living with my parents. Nor do I have a credit card, so I chose the supermart.

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    I use CVS since there is a very little chance of me seeing someone I know there.

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    I buy online nowadays. I selected that option, ignoring the fact that it says 'ABUniverse' there, which I would not order from.

    I get Abena Extra from XP Medical now, and it is truly amazing. I used to go to the local supermarket and pick up Depends and stuffers. Now that I have been spoiled by getting actual good diapers sent to my house by the case every 3 months, I don't think I would go back to the Depends anytime soon. The place I used to get them in the store has also stopped carrying the tape-up type in favor of the new underwear styled ones. So, I'm kind of bound to getting them online right now, but that is quite alright by me.

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    Ideally I would like to be able to buy my nappies in a store, probably a pharmacy. However, as no stores near me sell decent adult nappies I order online. Although not ABUniverse, I don't think they deliver to the UK, but even if they did I have heard enough bad things about them never to try them.

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    Pharmacies got the padding on clearance sometimes so it's great to look there

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    I definitely prefer to buy in-store, because usually when I wanna buy, I'm like "MUST HAVE DIAPURS NAO!". And to avoid awkardness, I usually stock up when I'm visiting my grandma. Her town is filled with old people, so if anybody saw me, they'd simply think that I'm a good person buying disposable undergarments for her elderly family members. And, hey, old people = good pharmacies.

    I recently stopped buying a lot, though, since a.) I need to save money and b.) somebody from my old high school who hated me (and still does) started working at the drug store down the road. I normally wouldn't mind, but she's quite obnoxious. (I once had to buy several cucumbers for a recipe, and, being a fricken idiot, I decided to pick up condoms and lubies too while I was there. "Mmmm~ Nei, gurl, you still can't find a man even with that booty?")

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    I definitely prefer buying over the internet. The quality of diapers is better from retailers like XP Medical and Bambino. But I won't buy from AB Universe. Too many horror stories.

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    My family is very fortunate - supplies from the NHS.

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