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Thread: New Guy, Can Ya Tell?

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    Default New Guy, Can Ya Tell?

    Not really good at introducing myself, so I guess I'll just gun it!

    Hello, ADISC! Just joined the site recently. Wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got here, but after a small greeting with KakashoLin, I believe I'm gonna like this site . Hope I get to know more of you guys!

    But, maybe I should explain a little about myself so you guys can get to know me! I'm a few things, and an actor is one of them. Well, not professionally speaking. I work in a haunted house and the occasional small stage act. When I'm not doing that, I'm either at the local paintball field playing a few rounds(sometimes reffing them), or at home engaging in some mind numbing video games. Other than that, I'm really just your average guy. Nothing too spectacular I'm afraid. :P

    So, if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! I'd be happy to answer.

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    Hi Didey,

    Welcome to ADISC That was a great introduction - you didn't mention diapers once, which is always a good sign that the person joining is going to be able to talk about other things, which is something we do like our members to be able to do

    Your job sounds really interesting, working in a haunted house. Is it a real haunted house? Or at least, does legend have it as a real haunted house? Do you get to dress up as ghosts and other creepy things to scare the visitors? It sounds fun.

    I don't really play many video games or know much about them, but loads of our members here do. You might like to check out the groups section and see if any of them there appeal to you. There's one for gamers here you may be interested in: Gamers -

    Paintball always looks and sounds so much fun, but I've never been because I'm scared of getting hurt. I suspect I would suck at it anyway, my aim is appalling and I'd probably be too nice to actually shoot anyone for fear of hurting them. But if there was a version without the paintballs or anything else painful I think I'd like it - maybe if they invented some sort of paintball with lasers or something (painless lasers, not burn through your skin lasers!)

    Anyway, welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy it here

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    The haunt I work at isn't really haunted, though that would make things far more interesting for us actors! We don't really stay in one building for too long (budget reasons). As soon as we're finished with the October season, we pack up and move into another building come next year. There isn't much local lore to our house's theme. It's just a small fictional piece conceived by us, which is constantly changing. The work itself can be very fun, dressing as a mad ghoul and just letting out frustration by scaring/screaming at patrons! It can also be very exhausting, but those frights make it worth the effort.

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    Oh cool, I love haloween (and everything to go with it) and I also love paintball.

    I have not played in 2 years because of my immune system attacking my heart, making it weak....But I still have an antomatic, electronic Spyder, a semi-auti, pump PGP Pistol, and I forget the name, but about a 300-400 dollar in the 90's pump shotgun like paintgun. Locally they only allow semi-auto, and over half the year. So I usually use an origional PGP reworked with autococker parts, designed to semi-auto fire with liquid CO2 (it is cold here a lot, so gas CO2 sucked in the 90s). I hope you had fun this Halowen!

    I just looked, my shotgun is a custom built Phantom.
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