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Thread: Read this before you start a thread on messing.

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    Default Read this before you start a thread on messing.

    Alright everyone, listen up. I've seen too many people violating the rules and getting banned for not knowing how to go about posting this kind of topic, and frankly I'm growing tired of people offending my fellow ADISCers. In hopes to prevent any further misunderstanding and drama, I would like to set down a few helpful tips and guidelines for those who wish to talk about "messing" in an appropriate manner.

    1. Keep it clean. It's ok if you are into messing as a fetish, but it is unacceptable to tell everyone gruesome details and TMI about the matter. There are those as young as 13 on this site, and no one really wants to hear about your sexual fantasies...I am an adult and don't want to read about...well, I won't get into detail.
    ACCEPTABLE: I'm into it, but that's just me...
    UNACCEPTABLE: I LOVE to sit in my messy diaper and (insert graphic details here). In fact, guess what I'm doing right now?
    It has been said numerous times that ADISC is NOT a fapping site. For those who do not know, fap is defined here by things that you read in order to get off sexually. There are plenty of sites already that deal with this area, so there is no need to smut up ADISC.

    2. Do not impose on others. This includes, but is not limited to posts about messing in public (unless it is a problem for you and you are seeking support). If this is something you can help, then you shouldn't be doing this anyway, let alone telling us about it. Now before I get any angry PM's from people saying "lighten up" or "if people don't like it, they can deal with it" I'd like to explain that there are other people in this world besides you, and people have their rights and deserve to be respected. If I am standing behind you in a supermarket and you decide to take a dump in your pants, I wouldn't be very happy. Why should I have to move due to your inconsideration? It's good to have a sense of humor, yes, but it is shameful and dishonorable to have your fun at the expense of others. The civilized world does not need to be exposed to that. The world is NOT your toilet. Don't bring shame upon us, please.

    On the other hand, if nothing I tell you is going to make you knock it off, then ADISC is not the place to talk about your "experiences" in public pooping. In fact, this is a good way to become very unpopular very fast.

    3. If you start a thread about messing, know what the purpose of the thread is and make sure it is in agreements to the rules. Acceptable thread ideas include but are not limited to "ways to dispose of a messy diaper" "which diapers are best for messing" and "how to cope with fecal incontinence" If you want examples on unacceptable themes, check out the recently locked threads and do not repeat them.

    4. Do not insult other members. Many of us have gone through a lot in our journeys, and we do not need to be exposed to negativity in the very place we come to for support. ADISC is Adult baby Diaper lover Incontenent Support Community. There are going to be people who are and are not what you are. Be open and accept it. An exception would be if they are breaking a rule here. In which case you should politely tell them that they are in violation.

    5. Don't think that ADISC does not support mess. Not every single thread about messing is subject to locking, as it may look like. It only looks that way because messing has yet to be approached in an acceptable manner. It's not the mess that's inappropriate...most of the time it is the idea behind the mess that causes an uproar.

    On a last note, I DO realize that I am not a mod and these are not official guidelines. These are just helpful rules that you should set for yourself to avoid being in violation of the official rules. I'm not shaming or lecturing with this, but simply helping you avoid being shamed here. I hope this helps.

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    I believe, that you explained this greatly. I am sure it is going to help people that are new here!

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    Thank you I just thought I'd help out ^_^
    To a certain person: I am not telling you what to do...I am giving advice. Thank you for giving me that unnecessary slap in the face.

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    I think you have done a wonderful job in explaining what is & is not acceptable on a public forum & i am sure that most other folks would agree with you as well. I also think the editors acted in a clear & professional manner in dealing with this situation.

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    Yeah, i think you did a very good job summing it up.

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    Nice!! I think messing is disgusting, but that's just me.....

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    I think this could be extended to 'before you start a thread on diapers' in general, after all messing threads are not subject to any more rules than wetting or wearing threads. Whilst we have had an influx of inappropriate messing threads on this forum recently there have also been inappropriate and graphic threads about diapers, but not specifically messing them, started in the past as well.

    Personally I don't think that, as a forum, we should be singling out messing threads as different from wetting or any other diaper threads, this partly seems to be where a lot of the tension is coming from. New members get the idea that we don't like messing threads, and so try to start one to try and challenge what they believe is the general stance of this forum (that we hate messing). Instead I think that we should be encouraging people to follow the general forum rules and etiquette for all diaper threads, both those about messing and those about other diaper related things. For that reason I don't really think it is necessary to have a special set of guidelines for messing threads.

    That said, I do think that these are a good set of guidelines for people wanting to start any diaper-related thread (which includes messing threads) with good guidance for how to talk about using diapers in a manner appropriate to the ethos of this community. Your fundamental rules, 'Keep it clean', 'Do not impose on others', 'Know the purpose of the thread' and 'Do not insult other members' are rules that all members starting or responding to any thread should try to adhere to. The word 'messing' could be replaced with 'using diapers' for most of your rules and would still make sense, and work to make this excellent set of guidelines even more effective across the forum.

    But anyway, good job on writing a very clear and detailed set of useful guidelines in this topic - Hopefully the next person who wants to start a thread about using diapers will give this a quick read before hand

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    Well done, it's really good.

    I would like to see this nominated for article status, but in my mind it's not quite there yet, and needs a little editing. Maybe you could find someone to work with to edit it a little, in my mind for a 'how to' guide it's a little conversational, and a little bit aggressive. The tone seems to think the worst of people instead of the best.

    Also, you've said not to insult other members, then in the same paragraph said 'an exception would be...', and then said to PM them politely... I'm confused! Is it an exception or not? There are a couple of incidences like that.

    If it were to be an article, you'd also have to edit out or rephrase the 'see some of the recently locked topics' part.

    I'm worried this might have come accross as a little critical, but I think it's something that should definitely either be stickied or put in the articles system so I really want to see it looking good, I hope I'm not causing any offense?

    (Small disclaimer, I realise this post is all over the shop, this is why I'm not the one writing articles - always a back seat driver )

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