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Thread: drinking beer with a friend

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    Default drinking beer with a friend

    i was at my friends one night and we orderd a 24 of beer and sat in his room and drank and drank and drank then we went to sleep he pulled out hios cott witch he ushally sleeps on but he let me sleep on it so we past outand like 12.00pm then i woke up at 2 am and i felt that my jeans were compleately soaked i wet the bed by accident so i got up went and changed into shorts came back and folded up my blanket n just put it on the bed and i slept on that so i wasnt in a wet bed then i went back to sleep woke up in the morning and i was still dry but i woke up and folded the bed right back up and went home later that day when he went to go to sleep the next night im not sure if he noticed i wet the bed it wasnt on purpose .

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    Wow, is this a story, or a true life thing that happened?

    The thing about forums is that people respond to it, so you need to ask a question, or make it relevant. This post does neither.

    Also, you should try to put in full stops and capital letters, so it's easier to read.

    As it is, this reads like a fantasy, and one that's not well written at that. Can you edit it to make it more relevant?

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    sorry i am not good at wrightinng and yes it is a real life thing

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    Ok, well if you're struggling, you might be able to use Word or something to write your posts in first, to make them easier to understand

    Are you going to edit your post so it's a question or a point? The Diaper-Talk forum is for people to ask questions and discuss various aspects of being a DL, which your post doesn't really fit in with.

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