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Thread: Christmas is Coming (Suggestions wanted!)

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    Default Christmas is Coming (Suggestions wanted!)

    Alright folk, Christmas is coming (relatively) soon!

    We've had some awesome fun at Christmas time in the past... we've changed the ADISC sign at the top of the page to be all snowy, we've had personalised member Christmas cards, Christmas stories, and we even had a new years meet !

    So my question is... what do you want to see this year? Any fun ideas?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I celebrate Yule.

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    We could rewrite our own Carols!

    on the 12th padded day, my mommy gave to me.

    12 baby wet wipes
    11 pairs of frilly socks
    10 nuk 5s
    9 terry towles
    8 plushie dolls
    7 buttoned onsies
    6 coloring books
    5 large diapers
    4 pink sleepers
    3 sippy cups
    2 rocking horses
    1 giant play fun area
    Eh, it could do with some work, but I am not really a good writer of any kind.
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    I tried singing along, and it was pretty good until i tried to make '1 giant crib' have the same amount of syllables as 'a partridge in a pear tree'

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    No it doesn't, it says "1 giant playing area" Totally works better than the crib suggestion! :P

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    Oh the weather outside is frightful....

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    No it doesn't, it says "1 giant playing area" Totally works better than the crib suggestion! :P
    It would have worked better had you not written this post and edited the original to say different things

    And don't you dare re-edit! I've got screenshots!!

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    Personally, I'd like to see people make ADISC holiday comics similar to the ones you and Charlie F. did back in August. Those were absolutely hilarious!

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    I wouldnt mind some Christmas treats.... mmmm i love christmas cookies....

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