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Thread: I only have 1 pair of pajamas in my house. Please advice

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    Default I only have 1 pair of pajamas in my house. Please advice

    Im not a sissy but I have a kind of girly babyish pair of pajama bottoms that my sister used to own. Should I wear them over my diaper at night or just wear the diaper? Im not too worried about anybody finding out. They are fleece and very comfortable.

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    Well if you're not worried about someone finding out, and you want to... why are you asking here? And if you don't want to... again... why are you asking here?

    It seems like there's not much up for debate here. Being a TB/DL this is about *your* enjoyment, not about what others think you should do.

    Just go with the flow, don't get caught and enjoy yourself.

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    Sure, go for it. If you don't have to worry about someone seeing them, then have fun.

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