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Thread: The Animorphs

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    Default The Animorphs

    I am not a fur or what not, but I used to read these books called Animorphs. They are a really good serious that always started out with "I can't tell you my real name but (dot dot dot)"

    Anyway, it was all about these kids who had the ability to change into animals whenever they wanted and stuff but only for a certain amount of time because if they exceeded the limit of time or something they would be that animal forever. I am improving but I do remember that they fought crime or something like animals...It was cool because you followed the story of one kid in every book and how he dealt with turning into an animal and how he used the ability and all.

    I was just wondering this like a furry thing? Because...I mean, it's pretty sweet!

    If you are a furry, and haven't read one of these books, I recommend it. They are children books, but awesome fun, even if you are not a furry.

    I, look at the cover:

    Even that's cool!

    Anyway, what do you people think? Furry? Have you read it? Is a sea monkey really a monkey?


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    It also used to be a tv show that came on nickelodeon back in the 90s.

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    Ah, yes. I've read a few of those, I have to say the Choose your own adventure ones are my favorite in that series. But yeah, fun fun.

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    I loved that series. =O I watched the show before I read the books, but still.

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    Fullmetal, I read nearly all of those back when they were popular, and yes, I agree that it is a cool series. I'm not a furry either, so I can't say for sure whether its furry, but I'd wager that it could be..

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    I read that series too. I had the entire series, which I donated to my city library.

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    Ahh, I read quite a few of those books.
    They didn't fight crime, they fought aliens that live in people's brains! That go swimming in a pool?
    Something like that.

    I never really thought of it as being furry, but I guess it kind of is.

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    Oh my god, yea they did!!! I loved that. The brain worms or something. And there was a pool that they harvest them in!

    Well...whatever, they COULD have fought crime...if they wanted...

    All I can remember is wanting to be the wolf because he was cool...

    FullMetal [is a loser]

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    Close enough, imo.. they fought evil.. Crime; evil, what's the difference?
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    Yea, I used to read the stories. I don't remember much, but if they stayed in animal form for longer then 2 hours they would become that animal forever. They could also turn into any animal they touched. The power was given to them by.... I can't remember but it started with an A. There was the blue crystal they touched that gave them the power.

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