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Thread: Question for all of the DLs out there...

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    Question Question for all of the DLs out there...

    This one is for DLs

    Is it just me, or does it seem that after you're done with you diaper, and 'releasing all of your sexual urges' that you just feel weird and like you have no need to ever wear a diaper again? But then after like 5 mins, it all comes back, kinda like a cycle. Just curious.

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    This was very common for me when I was younger although it would typically be longer than five minutes. These days I find it's much easier to coast through this dip and get to the other side if I care to.

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    Post coitum omne animal triste est (link)

    I get this too although not as much as I used to. It's not something specifically related to diapers but more to sex in general.

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    For some of those who are becoming adults, or are young adults there is also the (ostensibly) conflicting issue of wanting on one hand to be a baby or a young kid, while also wanting to grow up and be (or become) an adult. I remember many young DLs I knew (that were about 18-22 or so) who were downright bi-polar about it. When they were hot they were hot, when they were not they were not. You just had to let them work this out for themselves. I think the internet and sites like this have been a great help in this respect. You are not some kind of sick weirdo, you are different yes, but you are also just like a lot of other people.

    This thing you describe (call it guilt if you like) was very strong for me when I was young. After "satisfaction" I couldn't get out of the diaper fast enough, and I didn't even want to think about it. Later when I met other DLs and I came to feel more comfortable about who I was this feeling totally disappeared.

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    that would be the post-orgasm crash.. Happens to many people, and not just DL.. its very common in many other fetishes as well, when the desire completely goes away after orgasm. and like mentioned above, if you choose to work through the crash, you can eventually overcome it, to the point where it doesn't really affect you as badly or at all anymore.

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    Yep. I sure do. I get a weird feeling after masturbating in my diapers as well as using them. After I get done masturbating in them. I say to myself. Oh god what did I just do? Why? Why?

    Then I usually start again within 2 days.

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    Sounds common to me. The issue is simple, you revealed a natural urge to ejaculate, and once you do the desire goes away, at least significantly for a period of time. Sometimes I just put a diaper back on and it feels good an hour later.

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    A little, hate to admit that. I used to view them as a fetish when I hit puberty...

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