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Thread: A thought on why diapers seem so attractive

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    Lightbulb A thought on why diapers seem so attractive

    I had a passing thought this morning on why we (might) like diapers the way we do. It was new to me, though it may have occurred to others already. In any case, my "revelation" was that diapers seem to represent a sort of unconditional care. They cover the most private, intimate area of our bodies, and more importantly, they accept without complaint the absolute worst about us, literally. By taking our waste, which is the most unpleasant thing we produce, without any objection, we see them as accepting us as we are, something that not even parents truly do. They don't try to change who we are. You might be able to say almost the same thing about other inanimate objects, but somehow it's not quite the same.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share that.

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    Good theory. It's definitely not a logical explanation like that for me though. It's more of an emotional thing for me. I think a part of me likes having the ability to rebel against normality.
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    Doubt we will ever know. It's one of many mysteries.

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    That was deep. Makes sense to me. But just like SuperTed said, I still feel like there's more to it. Emotional? Possibly. Physical? Yes... Mental? Who knows?

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    There are myriad reasons people get into this or any other fetish, from experiences to natural immaturity to enjoyed feelings of shame that accompany being put back in diapers. I don't think anyone can say with one hundred percent certainty why they're into something...far better to just enjoy it. Don't treat yourself like a puzzle or a problem. -grin-

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    I think it must be more than one factor, but what you've brought up is very true. Children that are young enough to wear diapers are often incredibly accepted as well. Every one wants to pass the baby, only when the diaper is full does the baby go back to its mother for changing. The diaper itself is always there though. It doesn't care what you're doing or who you're talking to. It accepts you.

    I really like your insight.

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    i agree with u whole-heartily. it is interesting to look at others revelations and how they reinforce our own. but it also reflects my childhood. the early days of my life. when things were simple, and how the reassuring feeling made me feel. I'm attracted because it was part of me for so many years, and i can relate to others who use them too. that just in brief wat i feel.

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    ur from IOWA bunny... me too!! des moines and u?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlushingBunny View Post
    who you're talking to. It accepts you.
    i do

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    Quote Originally Posted by balancedchaos View Post
    Don't treat yourself like a puzzle or a problem. -grin-
    This is definately a beautiful bit of advice as well. No matter how glad I am that you're looking at this from a different angle, don't forget that not everything can be explained and let the "whys" engross you.

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    Can you explain what you mean by "i do"

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    Since infantilism is a fetish, the diaper is a gateway object that takes the wearer to an earlier time in their life. I've noticed a trend on this site as well, and that seems to be that everyone of us fantasizes, creating a different world for ourselves. For the infantilist, it's the world of infancy or being a toddler. For the furry, it's creating the world of the animal, though somewhat humanized. For the story writer, it's creating a fantasy world through words.

    For some reason, we all have found the real world a place that we need to escape from time to time. The diaper is the door to more innocent times, as is the story, as is the likable cuddly furry animal.

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    Maybe. But I definitely don't consciously think that.

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