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Thread: Jack is back!

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    Default Jack is back!

    Hey everyone! :wavesbye:

    Well, technically I never really left. I've sort of been lurking in and out but never staying too long because my time has been dominated by exams. But I haven't posted in ages... and I don't know how long ago it was I last posted because I can't view my own profile.

    So I'm posting this because it felt weird coming back and starting posting straight away after a long gap without saying anything. I figure I'll get myself un-lurker-ed an get back into the swing of things.

    One last thing:

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    JACK !!!

    Missed you, guy . . .

    Welcome back, jump right in and get up to your old tricks

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    Yay - Jack is back! I was wondering for quite a while where (any why!) you were hiding from us. I guess that explains it - exam time. Did you do well on them to make your absence worthwhile?


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    so do you know how you did? was the hiatus worth it? so what does it feel like coming back and posting?
    almost forgot, glad to see you back. missed your posts.
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    Good to have you back! I hope everything went well with the exams. As you can see, we're still here and everything changes just the same as before. Hope you'll be able to pop round the IRC as well.

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    Thanks for the welcome backs guys!

    I won't know for sure until the results come back, but I think the exams went really well. Even though I missed y'all LOADS, I think it was worth it, because I got so much work done. And yes Charlie, they were kinda fun!

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    Welcome back buddy. What's that song in your signature? I recognize the lyrics, and can even hear them in my head. Argh!


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