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Thread: Help DemonMama and I name our Puppy

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    Default Help DemonMama and I name our Puppy

    DemonMama and I are getting a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and need your help naming it. We've narrowed it down to 6 names.

    Do us a favor and take our survey. No personal data is collected or anything its just a standard anonymous Survey Monkey survey.

    Dog Names! Survey


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    Ooooh~ Congrats on the new puppy, Demons! I love Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs! I'd personally wait it out until you meet the puppy to name it, because then it sometimes clicks and you just know.

    I have the exact opposite problem as you. I know I'm getting a dog before I move out, and I know I'm gonna name him Gordon Freeman, but I don't know what breed to get.

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    All the names you guys picked out were very original and I liked pretty much all of them. Congrats on the new puppy!!

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    Shukkume has a good idea with waiting to meet the dog before deciding 100% on a name. Cool name options, though. Except for Kale--it sounds neat, but cabbage?

    Congrats on the impending new arrival. Large breed puppies are lots of fun when they aren't destroying things . Keep your plushies up high and out of reach. I learned this one the hard way when my family's dog was a puppy.

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    Well we really like the cartoon chowder so we were going with names like that for a while

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