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Thread: Call of Duty: Black Ops (11/9/2010)

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    Default Call of Duty: Black Ops (11/9/2010)

    I just pre-ordered it. Any one else got it or have any thoughts on it? I am praying it is better then MW:2. Modern Warfare 2 was, eh. It was ok, just not the greatest. I also welcome the new zombies in it. So, your thoughts?

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    I'm definitely getting Black Ops for PS3, it's going to be so awsome! But I have to wait an extended time, because I don't really have the money. So Christmas is when i will get it!

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    I'm getting it when I get to gamestop. Like a while.

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    I will probably trade in some older games and pick this up before Christmas. I know some friends who are drooling over it and I like these FPS games too.

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    Not getting it. My xbox live connection blows. I can rarely get 3 bars whenever I play. So im at a huge disadvantage every time i play first person shooters. I'm gonna get Sims 3 instead 8)

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    I want it, but I can't afford it unfortunately. I really want the hardened edition so I can get the zombie map packs, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Oh well, I'll get it eventually.

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    I'll get it when it hits 19.99 for the PC...

    So, Never. Not even Modern Warefare has been 19.99 on the PC. Bad Company 2 on the other hand was 20 dollars for the PC as a digital download like 3 months after it came out. Now that was a deal.

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    I had it pre-ordered but haven't picked it up yet. It does look the same as MW2, but I'm mostly getting it so I can play Nam Zombies.

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    I may get it, but I'm gonna wait at least a few weeks to see how hard the screwed PC players over this time. I'm still pissed about the way we got hosed on MW2. On the other hand, I will be picking up BFBC2: Vietnam as soon as it releases.

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    I probably won't be getting it any time soon, for one, activision doesn't need more of my money. Second, from the TV commercials it looks rushed. The graphics weren't phenomenal looking at all, which is what makes a good deal of CoD for me. It seriously looks like they said "You have a year, be more creative than MW2..."

    Maybe later, after I spend $200+ on a keyboard and mouse ownage device...

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