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    Hi. I'm diggir. I'm sure some of you may recognize me from some of the other sites. Don't know how long ADISC has been around but it eluded me. I've been wearing diapers for a long time mainly because of the feeling of security I get. When I was working it was a nice stress relief thing after a bad day at work. Now it's just sit back and enjoy the good feelings that come from wearing a diaper. I don't consider myself an expert on anything but I do have some knowledge to share on that subject. Love to chat about just about anything and hopefully find someone from my corner of the world.

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    Welcome to the site. ADISC has been around in this form for going on three years now but the membership predates that with another site. Glad you were able to finally locate the site and also the chat. Hope the place will be to your liking. Most of us are big on diapers, so maybe you can tell us a little something about yourself to that as well.

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    Welcome diggir! Anything non-ABDL interests you would like to share with us?

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    Hey there diggir, welcome to ADISC.

    As everyone else has pointed out, almost everyone here is into diapers, so what sort of other stuff are you into? One of our longstanding members has written a cheat sheet on how to write a great introduction, you should totally check it out

    In the meantime though, welcome to ADISC

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