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Thread: I think this gives new meaning to calling someone a dick head.

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    Default I think this gives new meaning to calling someone a dick head.

    YouTube - Condom Fail

    I dont really think any explination is nessesary but i hope it brings some laughter to anyone bored like me.

    --Also, just sliding in a double checker- i posted this in this section because the humor was pretty mature... if i missplaced it feel free to bump this into the off topic section. (by mature i mean its a condom... not as in what the guys doing was mature lol)
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    "So durable, it can be stretched over you head*"

    Using that marketing scheme would certainly work well for the condom industry.

    *Do not attempt.

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    This particular gentlemen should have done humanity a favor and left the condom on a little longer.

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    lol some one did that at school it was funny even the year head was laughing

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    Aaah yes, the old condom over the head trick! This was very popular with the boys when I was at school, they would blow them up whilst still wearing them until they popped (usually by someone with a pen rather than because the condom itself burst). Boys are so silly!

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    Aww come on, it's like duct tape: using a product in a way the original creator did not envision or intend.

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