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Thread: Opinions on Medical Marijuana?

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    Post Opinions on Medical Marijuana?

    Do you have Medical Marijuana approved as a law in your state? Do you approve of it? Why or why not?

    Our state voted on it recently and it has stayed nay.

    I feel that there is better medical options than marijuana so I wouldn't approve. Simple as that.
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    I as a libertarian I do not like to see drugs contra banned. That among many other things.
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    I'm not actually sure of whether cannabis is permitted medicinally in the UK.

    As it stands now though generally if the police catch you with small quantities of cannabis it is overlooked anyway, you will likely just get a street caution and have it confiscated. Having a personal amount of cannabis is unlikely to lead to arrest, so I guess if you were found smoking cannabis for medical reasons it would be the same. I'm not sure whether it is ever prescribed though.

    My opinion is that if cannabis alleviates symptoms for people then why shouldn't it be prescribed? All drugs that people are prescribed are after all just that, drugs. Just because cannabis has been illegalised for recreational use doesn't mean it is logical to ban it medicinally - cannabis is after all a lot less harmful than some other drugs people can be prescribed by their doctors.

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    I approve of it if it can actually help people. But I think the majority in my state (california) don't truly need it for a medical issue.

    I'm willing to bet I could get a prescription for it, if I went to a doctor and said I get a lack of sleep, but I don't like pills or ambenia's side effects. Though I did not yes on our legalize pot act. I'm starting to view pot = alcohol in terms of effects.

    So, in the end medical pot is fine I guess.

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    I totally approve of medical cannabis as a step to the full legalization of all drugs. The State has no right to restrict what I knowingly put into my body. Its far beyond time to end the horribly misguided War on Drugs that has killed tens of thousands of people in the United States, Mexico, and throughout South America whilst wasting hundreds of billions of dollars. Medical cannabis is a step in the right direction.

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    I have no problem with recreational use, but unlikely to ever see it come up here. Even if the fed for someone reason made it legal, Arizona would probably vote to make it illegal in the state still. Amazed our medical marijuana proposition almost passed.

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    Yeah, I have never really seen much reason for medical marijuana. It's just an excuse to get legal weed. I never looked into what it might help, but I'm pretty sure most people who get it just want to be high.

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    I'm not, never have been, nor ever will be a pot user. That being said, I don't see a problem with legalizing it. Our corrupt government is broke, and looking for new revenue streams, so why not? Tobacco and alcohol are heavily regulated and taxed. It seems that if the stuff was legal, it would be regulated by the FDA. It could be taxed, and the quality controlled. I'm sure the illegal drug trade doesn't want it legalized because they'd be out of business. If someone was high, and driving, they'd get the same DUI treatment as a drunk person.

    My opinion has changed over the years as I've become more liberal, but I'm still a republican and I do see more good than bad in just making it legal. Further, we would have a few less people in our jails, which costs a great deal of money.

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    Butterfly Mage


    One of my friends has AIDS and was prescribed medical marijuana. It's a real life-saver for him since the drug allows him to keep his food down. He takes about two dozen other medicines for AIDS. If he didn't have marijuana, he'd be unable to eat. I'd vote "yes" to *medical* marijuana ever time.

    With that said, I'm no fan of recreational marijuana. But there does seem to be a legitimate medical use for that drug.

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