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Thread: Hi From Hampshire UK

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    Default Hi From Hampshire UK

    hi all, I am pleased to finally pluck up the courage to join a forum!! I am looking forward to chatting to everyone and exchanging experiences etc.. I work full time in the Portsmouth Area but thankfully do not support the local football team! I am 38 and Married with 3 children but keep some things quiet if you know what I mean. Really into my Sci-Fi especially my star wars sad I know but hey what you gonna do! I am really looking foward to my time here and hope you get to know me better to )

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    Hey hey Welcome to Adisc from a fellow Uker . I love star wars my self, and have a few lego star wars models . And of course general Sci-fi . Do you read much?

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    Hi Shabe,

    Welcome to the forums Always good to have another person from the UK join us, and I'm quite close to Portsmouth myself.

    Can't say I share your love of sci-f/Star Wars - I have actually never seen a single Star Wars film. I don't really understand anything that revolves around space travel, computers or anything else mildly to do with science or the future - it tangles up my brain too much!

    Aside from sci-fi what other things are you interested in? Or is all your free time taken up by your children!?

    Hope you enjoy using the forum - it's certainly a great place to chat and share experiences. I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hey shabe, good to have you on board. I hope you enjoy your time here, there is a good variety of topics posted here including Sci-Fi stuff. I love the Star Wars films too, although im not as big a fan as some out there! I was amazed to find the other day that none of my house mates have ever watched any of them, so I can see an epic marathon going down soon
    Good to have another Hampshire person on board too
    See ya around!

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    Welcome to the forums, shabe! I love the star wars movies, well the original trilogy are the only ones I've seen, but whatever. What would be your favorite one, if you had to choose?

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    Thanks for the lovely welcome.
    To answer a few questions yes I love reading and am proud to say I have all the Star wars books well when they come out that is. Love terry pratchett he is such a funny guy.
    My Fav Star Wars film is Empire Strikes Back because sometimes its nice seeing the bad guys win )
    My Boys take most of my time up but I am into my football and watch other sports, get into my garden with the veg its a good way of getting away from the kids and take your mind off them for a bit. but when everyone are in bed its nice to unwind with films or a book.

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