View Poll Results: The ultimate taco includes.....

32. You may not vote on this poll
  • Hard shell

    13 40.63%
  • Soft shell

    23 71.88%
  • Ground beef

    23 71.88%
  • Chicken

    10 31.25%
  • Pork

    4 12.50%
  • Steak

    10 31.25%
  • Fish / seafood

    1 3.13%
  • Refried beans

    12 37.50%
  • Lettuce

    25 78.13%
  • Tomatoes

    25 78.13%
  • Onions

    21 65.63%
  • Olives

    7 21.88%
  • Cheese

    29 90.63%
  • Taco sauce or hot sauce

    20 62.50%
  • Insane hot sauce (FUCK TOBASCO!)

    7 21.88%
  • Sour cream

    17 53.13%
  • Guacamole

    10 31.25%
  • Salsa

    16 50.00%
  • Hot peppers

    7 21.88%
  • Other (please specify)

    4 12.50%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Taco poll - this time done right!

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    Default Taco poll - this time done right!

    What makes an ultimate taco to you?

    This poll is all about that. And this time, multiple choices will be turned on, making this the definitive taco poll.

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    ...but where's the poll!?

    EDIT: Oh, I can see it now! For some reason it didn't show up.

    Now, stupid question, but what's a taco?

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    I said Hard and soft shell... why debate when you can use both?! I used like 80% of the incredients but i intend to eat mine with a fork and a knife... :< man im glad im not doing this in RL though it would judo chop my IBS and i would explode like a gernade.

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    A taco is what Americans call Mexican food, although if you show it to a Mexican, he'll most likely say it is American food. Funny how that works out sometimes.

    You take a shell - some people use hardened corn tortillas, others use soft flour tortillas. A standard Taco Bell taco uses seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and shredded cheese, placed inside that shell.

    My tacos use flour tortillas (soft shell). I season the chicken meat, then I add the insane hot sauce. I place a layer of refried beans, a layer of meat, and then a layer of cheese, then I microwave that for about a minute and a half to get the ch eese all nice and melty. I then add diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and a touch of sour cream. Yumminess ensues.

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    Aah, a tortilla! We have them here Never seen hard shells though...

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    Preferably a hard shell, ground beef, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sometimes some peppers. I don't like cheese, so my tacos never have cheese on them.

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    Soft shell, ground beer/chicken/pork/refried beans (any combo of those works), lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and lots of SOUR CREAM. The last, if you can't tell by the caps, is an absolute must for it to be editable. My dad often asks if I have enough taco to go with the sour cream, lol.

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    judging by what you said in one of the posts, did this if it was an American taco. For me the meat isn't important as long as it well seasoned, but usually is ground beef, tomato and onion is a must, some lettuce (though it isn't a need) and lots of cheese. Sauce wise I want it to have salsa, and some sort of hot sauce (no tobasco though, thats for cajun food not mexican). For the shell, voted hard but it isn't the packaged hard, rather make them myself with some soft tortillas and put them in oil (have a little tool that keeps them in the right shape). Tastes so much better then the packaged stuff.

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    I posted on the previous poll on this subject. As I stated before I like using the tacos with the flat bottom. I then fill them with lean ground beef with taco mix, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and I forgot one on the other poll onions! I like these so much I can eat 4 or 5 at one sitting too!

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    I may as well admit what makes an awesome taco to me.

    First, I cook the chicken meat in my electric skillet, add the seasoning and a mixture of two hot sauces - one for flavor, and one for sheer heat.

    Then, I take a flour tortilla, place in a layer of refried beans, a layer of the super-hot meat, and a layer of sharp cheddar cheese. I nuke that for a couple of minutes. Then I add lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. Then I enjoy.

    Some people have described my tacos as being "painful". Heh.

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