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    Smile Hi Everyone

    Hi All

    I'm pretty new to the forum. I've been lurking around for the last two or three weeks, and having visited tones of similar forums in the past, I didn't intend to spend much time here, normally I just browse around, then move on to the next one. I must say, that I've never been to such an interesting, nicely moderated forum before. The posts are interesting and the people here some great. Hence, I thought I'd introduce myself and try and get a bit more involved.

    My nickname is Coodie. I chose it years ago when I was stumped for a non de plume, and just shuffled a couple of letters from my name and surname together, and its sort of stuck with me since then !

    I'm definitely an AB rather than a 'diaper lover', and love all baby paraphernalia such as bibs, bottles, nappies, teddies, dummies, baby powder and anything else I can think of. I also enjoy writing AB stories when I get a chance.

    I was born in South Africa, and moved over to London about three years ago. I love the city, and am still constantly exploring it and finding new places of interest. I currently live and work in Putney.

    Things I enjoy doing : I love photography and am quite happy to spend most of my time wondering around taking pictures, and then editing them when its rainy and miserable...

    I enjoy playing sport, in particular rowing. I spend most of my other free time reading, writing, running, or hanging out with friends.

    I love travelling and going on photographic excursions. The next three places I'd really like to travel to are Iceland, India and Italy !

    I hope to participate actively in this forum, share stories and experiences, and most of all make new friends.

    If anyone would like to chat...drop me an e-mail :-)


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    Hellos Coodie!

    Thats awesome whos your closest suffie? Mine is my close friend Mister Fluffers, hes a bunny.

    I really like looking at photography because its kinda like a door into the artistic mind of someone else, is there anything specific that you like taking pictures of like birds or buildings for example?

    Have you ever been to the carrabean, its definitly my all time favorite place to travel. The water is sooooo beautiful, i dont know how to swim but just sitting against the waves is sooo relaxing and the blue water is completely to die for... i seriously wish i had a warm perfect white sand beach in my backyard to make sand castles in lol...

    Anyuways i hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Hi Coodie,

    Good to see you have made an introduction - and such a good one as well

    Are you going through countries by alphabet, I'm guessing you've done A-H :p Hehe. I have been to India, and I can assure you that it is the most fascinating place I have ever been. As soon as I left I just wanted to return, I've had to wait 4 years as I'm in uni now but am currently making plans to go out there next year. I definitely think anybody thinking about going should do it at their first opportunity!

    Anyway, look forward to seeing more of you around the forums.

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    It's nice to see another photographer on this site. I am currently taking a class in high school, mainly because I need to to get into the computer graphics class, but it is a fun class. You were a little vague on that topic in your introduction. What kind of things do you photograph? Do you do black and white or color? What kind of camera do you use?

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome !

    hey Megamatt - I love photographing anything really, but at the moment, my favourite subjects are people/portraits and landscapes. I prefer colour normally with the odd exception I am currently shooting with Canon EOS 20D, but am thinking about upgrading soon to a 5D or 7D. How about you ?

    Thanks Baby Jess. India is definitely high up on my list of places to travel to, and I'm currently saving up to travel there next year when I have some leave. I'll definitely seek your advice first though about where to go, and what to see ! Hope uni is going well :-)

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