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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Default Hello Everyone!

    Looking forward to joining the site, which seems to be one of the only ABDL-related forums with intelligent, friendly conversation.

    I have been recreationaly DL for about 15 years now. My favorite summer hobby is sailing, and there us nothing more fun and relaxing than to do it diapered-up!

    I also enjoy bicycling and motor scootering. One of my scooters is a 30 year old Vespa.

    My job is in environmental cleanup work. I'm married to an artist and we have two grown sons, both of whom are getting married next year.

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    Hi SailingBaby,

    Welcome to ADISC

    First, well done on a good intro I will have to agree with you that this is one of the few ABDL forums with genuinely intelligent, friendly and mature members, so hopefully you will enjoy becoming a part of this community.

    What sort of sailing do you do, sea or river/lakes etc? Are you lucky enough to own your own boat? When I was younger we used to go sailing with the school which I loved, I passed some sailing certificates and everything. But I haven't ever been sailing as an adult yet.

    Like you I too enjoy bicycling, although now winter has set in I haven't been out on my bike in several weeks. I find I usually get quite hot when cycling so can't wear too many layers, but when it is cold outside as soon as I get off the bike I get cold enough so have to constantly be putting jumpers and my hat on and taking them back off again depending on whether I'm on or off the bike, so I have given up on that! I have never been on a scooter, but when I was in India where everyone drives mopeds I went on the back of one and although the driver assured me we were going slowly it felt like we were close to breaking the landspeed record, I don't think I have ever been as terrified in my life! I suspect I might have a similar experience were I ever to find myself on a scooter!

    Oh, and congratulations that your sons are getting married (is it custom to congratulate the parents or am I just coming across as a bit odd!?) - I bet you are really busy at the moment helping them to get everything ready?

    Look forward to seeing you around the forums

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    Thanks for the friendly greeting.

    I sail a twenty year old racing keelboat in Lake Michigan. I used to race it with my sons when they were teens, now I just day sail with my wife and friends or go out by myself after work. It's a great sport, you can do it your entire life and it's much more affordable than having a golf habit.

    I live in a high density suburb so you can get to almost anything on a bike or scooter and you don't have parking hassles.

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