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Thread: UTI and incontinence is a blend of disaster...

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    Default UTI and incontinence is a blend of disaster...

    Ok, so I've had this UTI for a few days. The doctor diagnosed me and gave me antibiotics, and life went on, right? I problem is I'm IC when I'm asleep...but the UTI is so bad that I wake up to the burning and stinging when my body expels in my sleep. I am going into my 3rd sleepless night and I'm going insane. Is there ANYTHING I can do while I'm being treated for this? I kid you not, I'm so close to taking a high-dose sleeping pill. I mean, what else can do? Has anyone else had this happen?

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    That sucks! I had UTI last summer and this year developed incontinence, but never at the same time! Go to your doctor and explain how serious this is and how hard no sleep is on you. For now, try to pee as much as you can out before you go to sleep. Than after you wake up from burning, empty fully again, than sleep again. It may not be quality sleep, but at least it's somthing 'till you can talk to a doc. Go to a same day clinic if you must, but see a doctor ASAP. If you are unable to drive yourself there from lack of sleep, ask a friend to drive you. Be safe, and good luck.

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    The sad thing is that I've been there and done that. I went to our on campus doctor, and he wanted to put me on a fast acting drug, but happen to be allergic to he put me on a week long round of antibiotics instead...I just wish I knew how to get relief in the meantime. The sleeping pill on my desk is looking REALLY good right about now...

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    Yeah, i feel for you, my bowel incontinence has left me especially prone to this. My strongest suggestion is to speak with a pharmasist, it might be embarassing but you might get some over the counter support or something. Personally my meds for my chronic pain and my pain tolerance has numbed my sences so i am able to cope with extrordinary things but i think this may be the strongest solution for you aside from consulting your currant and or another doctor for solutions/alternatives.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'd say drink less until the UTI becomes less severe or goes away. The less you drink, the less often you have to pee. That should maximize the time of undisturbed sleep. Other than that, I don't think there's anything to take away the pain of peeing.
    Consider yourself lucky you're a girl...guys have a few extra inches for the pee to go through and thus (presumably) more pain during an UTI!

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    Don't drink less! Drinking less actually concentrates your urine and makes the pain much worse, plus it will take longer to flush the UTI out of your system. Drink more - if you drink more your pee will be more diluted and should sting less, and you will flush the UTI out of your system more quickly. Cranberry juice is meant to be very good for helping to get rid of current, and prevent future, UTIs so get yourself some of that. Other than cranberry juice try to stick to water, and avoid anything with caffeine in (tea, coffee etc), strong fruit juices and alcohol. Even though it hurts to pee, make sure you go as often as you need to - holding it can make it worse. Also, avoid using any perfumed soaps, bubble baths etc where they could make the irritation worse.

    You can also buy over-the-counter sachets which you add to water which will help to relieve the symptoms - they don't treat the cause, but they do help to stop the burning and stinging. In the UK they are available over-the-counter from most pharmacies, I imagine it is the same in the US. You just add the sachets of powder to water, stir and drink, of course follow the instructions on the packets. I think you can sometimes get them in liquid form as well. I'm sure your pharmacist/chemist should be able to help you. I think you can also add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to cranberry juice, and this will help to alleviate the symptoms (but probably not taste great).

    If after a few days the UTI doesn't go away go and visit your doctor again. The last time I had a UTI the first lot of antibiotics didn't do anything and so I had to be put onto stronger ones, so if they're not working in the time they're expected to do let the doctor go.

    Good luck shaking off the UTI, I have been there and I know how horrible and painful they can be. xx

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    Just to reiterate - drink MORE not less with a UTI. Babyjess has given you a concise and precise evaluation of your predicament, based on personal experiences. I cannot add further. S/he has said everything I would have said, based on my experiences of painful times.

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    I agree with several people above, drink crazy more water. Other than that stay away from things that are high sugar and caffeinated.... ideally you should drink just the water and no sugar added cranberry juice. If you cant stand the cranberry juice they do make pills that contain what the juice does but I'm not sure how well they work. One OTC medication I had seen like years ago was called uristat but im not sure who sells it. Oh and stay away from salty foods too, since that will make you retain water and concentrate your urine. Hope the doc got your antibiotic right, I know mine never does :p.

    Feel better Rai!

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    Thank you so much for your help, everyone. It is so nice to be able to have people to call on when you can tell very few others. I love you all
    So, I finally lost my mind and took a sleeping pill last night. For the most part, I was undisturbed except for a few incidences early morning. I woke up, though, to get out of my now soaking Molicare and found some blood there (and no, it wasn't THAT). Naturally, I freaked out and called my doctor (she was off, so I called him at home). He told me I was alright and that it was a side effect of the medication he gave me. I don't know if it was sleep deprivation that led me to this, but I was furious. On the other medication, I would've been cured by now without that, but of course I had to be allergic...on the other hand, it WOULD'VE been nice to know...I'm starting to grow angry at him for leaving me hanging and suffering like this...or maybe I'm just bitter for the hell I've been through this past few days...

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    So a quick reply, one of the issues with UTI's can be that you are voiding more often regardless, which of course doesn't help your problem. Also as an aside while there is a lot of talk about cranberry juice, the evidence based studies have shown that there is no real benefit either in treating or preventing UTI's. As far as your case goes, hopefully everything is doing better by now, if not you should probably consider contacting you dr again because there is usually significant improvement well before the course of antibiotics is finished, though you would obviously have to finish the course in order to eliminate the infection.

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