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Thread: Keyboard/mouse adapters for Xbox 360...

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    Default Keyboard/mouse adapters for Xbox 360...

    I want one since I'm just getting worse and worse with a controller. I mainly play FPSes so this will be a big help. I'v looked online for them and can only find one or two and boy are they expensive. Here's the one I was looking at...

    Does anyone know anything about them? Can you recommend one? This one has reviews for both sides so I'm not completely sold, but the people on the negative just seem to be doing something wrong...

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    For what it's worth, the controller slots are USB, so you should be able to just plug them in and use them for stuff like typing Xbox Live messages.

    I know it's not what you're looking for, as you can't map them to a controller to play games, but that's probably considered cheating.

    Besides, if you want to play with a keyboard and mouse, why not get the PC version? Most FPSes are also free online play on PC.

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    keyboards and mouse based controls have been proven to give people a edge over people who use console controllers. This is why stuff like Call of Duty doesn't have cross platform mutliplayer from say PC to the 360, even though both are Microsoft.

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