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Thread: Discussion about "Gossip" <- Not any thing specific just the notion of gossip.

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    Default Discussion about "Gossip" <- Not any thing specific just the notion of gossip.

    I am starting this thread about discussing one of the most common things in social communicating and interacting which is gossip. Personally, in some aspects i believe i have a somewhat social distinction from not recieving as much gossip intake and participation because im homeschooled and i guess i think it would be fun to talk about it alittlebit.

    What do you think about gossip?

    Here are some of the topics that come to mind:

    1. Do you participate in gossip often?

    - Sometimes i think i have a habbit of talking about others just because im curious or its an interesting topic. Most of the time i dont mean to cross the line but sometimes when i look back i feel some things i say i shouldnt of said because i wasnt sure or dont know or dont really even understand.

    2. Does gossip affect your life heavily?

    I am close with my family and i am generally private but i always try to do and live by what i think is best but also i try to make sure that i look respectable and act respectable. I dont really witness gossip but then again i guess most people dont unless their involved but maybe because of that it might not affect me as much?

    3. What steps do you take to make sure things dont get out of hand?

    Sometimes people might mix up things or talk about stuff thats pretty controversal, im pretty shy so i usually stay quiet but i wonder if sometimes people do other things so im never really sure what the best choice is.

    4. How accurate can gossip be?

    I'm not sure alot, i always trust people close to me out of habbit though but i know i make mistakes so im sure others close to me do as well so maybe i fall into traps some times, maybe others also do this?

    Anyways, these are just some thoughs, what kinda imput do you guys have? ^^)/

    Yours curiously,


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    Well, Most of gossip are not true after a while because of the telephone effect. If you play telephone game before, then I know where I am come from. Person say something to another person and so on. after while the information get lost by options and feelings of the alot people. So It hard to tell the what true and what is not true. It can very hurtfully conversations about the person who is about.

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    I try to avoid gossip where possible. I don't trash people behind their backs and I expect the same courtesy.
    Coupled with the fact that absolutely no one in my family can keep a secret hence I have never told anyone in the family about a certain fetish that we all engage in. I find it incredibly amusing that the biggest gossip hounds are generally the ones would be reduced to sobbing puddles on the floor if people found out what their deep dark secret was.

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    There are many ways to talk about other people.

    The kind of talking about people that is bad is the kind that is meant to tear people down.

    I avoid gossip.

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    1. I guess it depends on your definition of gossip. Do I talk about people a lot? Yes, I do. But to a few close friends only.

    2. Nope, it doesn't. Theres going to be talking about you where ever you go.... I've accepted that. If I hear "so-n-so said this" then I'll either confront the person if I feel it's out of hand, or simply ignore it.

    3. Before I say anything about a person (aside from venting to my best friend who's never betrayed my trust) I always think "am I willing to say this to the persons face?" If I am, then I'll say it. If I think it'd hurt the person and I wouldn't want to say it to them, I don't talk about it. It's worked so far.

    4. I take anything I hear from others about others with a grain of salt. There are few people I believe 100% all the time.

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    I like gossip because I find it interesting. Sometimes I don't care for it. It just means talking negative about other people when they aren't there. Everyone does that. I think it's impossible to not gossip and anyone who says they don't do it is bullshitting. I mean what happens when you have an issue with someone and feel the need to talk about it? You end up discussing it with your friends or partner or family. There are actually people out there who don't talk about their conflicts they had with people because they prefer to handle it themselves and figure it out than having to rant about it to their friends or family or partner.

    I think everyone has their own perception of what gossip is so ranting about our issues, people might say you are gossiping because it involves another person. Or going online and reading stories about dumb 911 calls or dumbest consumer reports or customer complaints, you can say that is gossip because it's talking behind their back. It's all gossip. Even watching the news, that's gossip because they are talking badly about people who are being charged. They are just broadcasting what crime they did and how they got arrested for it and facing trial and that criminal isn't there to defend themselves against the reporters.

    Gossip is part of human nature and life. What about when parents talk about their kids, Isn't that gossip? I mean sometimes they are saying negative things about them like how they can't get their child to listen to them and clean their room.

    But I think the reason why people say it's not nice to talk bad about someone is because it can change people's opinion about that person and make them be afraid of that person because they don't want to be their victim too. When I hear a bunch of bad stories about a person, I stay away from that person because if everyone has had a bad experience with that person, I sure don't want to be it so I stay away. sadly my opinions and views do change about someone when I have heard too many bad things about them because it must be true because why would everyone have a bad experience with that person? So something must be wrong. I mean if you don't want a bad reputation, be nice to people and don't do the wrong things and treat people nicely and fairly, you won't get bad things talked about you then.

    I never understood the gossip rule so I have always ignored it. I started to get it a little bit this year and it's what I listed above in my 4th paragraph.

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    The notion of gossip as a rumor mill isn't something which I've encountered in my life post-high school, thankfully. Although, if simply talking shit on people would fit into your definition of "gossip," then I'm a bit guilty of that, but who isn't every-once-in-a-while?

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