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    OK so here's the deal -- uaually i wear medium Bambinos. They're great for me in every sense except one -- the tapes on them only go around the front as far as my hip bones. I have a 36 waist.

    Ideally, I'd like to find a diaper with tapes that got around me more, so the tapes weren't almost at my sides. I tried out a large Bambino, but to my surprise, the tapes ended up in exactly the same place!

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to a diaper brand that has longer "wings" -- longer wrap-around (unpadded) sides?

    Thanks in advance, everyone!

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    the dry247's are between bam medium and large, I have a 34-35" waist and find they fit great

    You were discussing the tapes but not saying top or bottom... the top tapes you should be taping toward each other. On a large bambino for me the top tape edges land just inside the factory folds of the diaper. The lowers are NOT meant to be taped toward each other, they're meant to go down around the legs onto the bottom of the front wings, in the same place as the tape is on the back wing, so the cuffs seal around the legs. Try fitting the lower tapes that way instead of trying to bring them together like the top ones, and see how that works for you.

    I find the large bambino does not fit me properly that way because of how much the top and bottom tapes have to part directions, so I usually just tape them inward like you're doing. They feel better but can leak. (so I often use them as a "comfy diaper" when I don't plan on wetting) I don't know if you can fit a medium, around the legs, for me they're very close to the limit, but they seal well.

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    I've noticed with the Bambinos, as well, that the top tapes just barely go past my hip bones, while the bottom ones seem to fit okay. I'm fortunate enough to be able to squeeze into the Smalls. 31" waste ;p

    That was one of the first things I noticed going from Depends to Bambinos (not to mention the huge upgrade in quality), the tapes on the Depends went much further in and the diaper rose a lot higher on my stomach and back than the Bambinos do. Now, I prefer the fit of the Baminos a lot more than the Depends because it just seems to fit right...

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