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    Hi everyone,

    new to the diaper community. for now would classify myself as a DL (not that i believe in labels.. )..
    married, into many kinks, have a long and varried profile on fetlife. Wife is aware, tolerant of the diapers, giggles when she sees me wearing, which makes me feel good.
    So was reading a thread on fetlife, stumbled accross a diaper bondage thread, and that just kinda got the ball rolling. My mind kinda fixated on the diaper thing, and it was about all i could think of for a week or two. So off to walmart to get a fix, got some Tenna and Depends. Started reading more DD and adisc, educated my self a bit more, and then ordered some new diapers.
    so far, have had a pack of Abeena M4, my Dry 24/7 showed up today, got a sample pack of Tranquility a few days ago, and still waiting for molicare and bambinos to show up.
    after seeing the abeena's... i am not sure i can even use the cheap wal-mart stuff anymore.. the feeling, and more importantly the usability are soo much better in the higher end diapers.
    Starting to look at the stash developing in my closet and having some second thoughts about my sanity.. (dont worry, i know myself well enough, i will NOT purge) Damn it's easy to drop a bit of money on this habit. Just finally getting our last child OUT of diapers, and here i go.. lol

    I have been pretty much 24/7 for the last 4 days. Other than a #2, haven't used the toilet at all. It's interesting for sure, and almost to the point of... hmm.. using the toilet would be nice. but i kinda made a challenge to myself, so for the time, i am keeping the diapers on. Only interested in wetting, no interest in messes, or AB stuff, just enjoy wearing diapers, and the feeling of 'loss of control' (I am also a subbie..)

    My newest challenge is finding a good middle ground for day use. So far the tranquility slim-line seems to work fairly well during the day, basically disappears under clothes. much harder to do that with the abeenas or even harder (impossible) with the dry 24/7.
    Strangly, i really have no issues with wearing all day, am comfortable wearing in public, and to work, and have been toying with the fantasy of being found out and having to use the 'medical issue' line as cover.. the fun part about that, once it's used, it's kinda hard to resume 'not wearing' again. Will see i suppose. I can see many 'features' for being diapered, long drives, etc.

    so, that's my diapered life so far, nothing too long, not much history, still learning my way around the various brands, and how to tape them up for the best fit (especially hard with the abeena's and others which are a tape once and it's done, or at least cant reposition the base tab easily)

    outside of diapers, i would call myself a fairly normal person (definition of normal could be another discussion). I have a busy life between family, work, and volunteering. Hobbies... woodworking when i have time, books, trolling various online boards (whatever the subject of the day is, furnaces, home audio, computers, tech, fetlife, DD, etc..)
    Profession, i am an IT do a little bit of everything person.

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    FYI.. this is also cross posted on
    not really sure which of these two sites seems to have the most traffic, topics, etc..
    i see a lot of people who seem to be on both, which is a shame.. it would be wonderful if all the traffic was consolidated on one site.. meh what can you do i suppose. (yes, this follow up post is cross-posted as well)

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    Hello, welcome to ADISC

    Sounds like you have really immersed yourself in being a DL lately! How lucky to have a wife that supports you

    You say that you are pretty busy between family work and volunteering - what sort of volunteering stuff do you do? I am always interested in the sorts of things people offer their time to I have done some volunteer work in the UK, mostly with schools or playschemes etc and am currently looking at doing some volunteer work oversees. What kind of stuff do you do?

    Also, you say you enjoy woodwork - what kind of stuff do you make? I would love to have some skills in that area, but I've never really had a chance to have a go, apart from for a term at school aged 12 when I made a parrot that sort of sat on a dowling rod and rocked back-and-forth without falling off.

    As for wanting all AB/DL traffic consolidated in one place, I'm not sure I agree with you there. Personally I think it is a good thing that there are plenty of AB/DL websites for members of the community to choose between. ADISC certainly seems to be the most mature and respectful AB/DL board I have ever come across, with a nice range of members across many generations. As there are minors on the website the general topic of conversation doesn't tend to become too graphic or sexually explicit, and creepy members who only want to talk about sex or meet girls usually get chased away pretty quickly. I have found that on other AB/DL sites I get harassed for being female, and that the topics are generally more explicit than I would like. I haven't really explored the DD boards, but as it is an 18+ site I assume it does not have as many rules about keeping the boards clean and PG as ADISC, being a 13+ site, does. The AB/DL community is as diverse as any other, and everyone wants to get different things out of being a member of a AB/DL forum, so I think it is a positive thing that there are a large number of websites people can join, so for example people looking to meet a mummy/daddy can join an AB/DL dating website and know that everyone on the site is also looking to find a partner. People who aren't specifically looking for a partner can join a site such as ADISC where posts with the sole purpose of finding a partner are deleted. And of course everyone is free to join as many sites as they wish, but if there is something you want to avoid (for me creepy AB/DLs!) you can just join the one or two forums that reflect that.

    Anyway, tangent over! Welcome to the forum, and I hope that you enjoy spending time here

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    I suppose there are some benefits to being male, one of which is the creeps dont bother me.. lol. I have been lurking a lot in the last week or two, and i just find many similarities between the two sites, so right now i just cross post and read both.. I agree there has to be many sites around for different interests, it's just so far, the two to me are very similar.. but that being said, i am not female, so my outlook is somewhat different for that.

    volunteering, i spend a lot of time with scouts canada, both as a leader and some committee stuff. that is actually the biggest fear i have with any kinks, as it could endanger my volunteering relationship. I have loads of fun in cubs, going to camps, etc.

    woodworking is still a developing hobby for me, so far mostly my hobby has been spending money filling my garage with tools! lol. haven't made too many things yet, some cabinet doors, shelves, etc.. if i ever find i have a lot of time on my hands, i might spend more time with the wood. but it is really convienent having all the tools. I also home renovate and am generally handy. did a patio in the back yard this summer, have done some renos in my house, walls, floors, etc...

    I am extremely fortunate to be married to a wonderful, open woman, so my interests when coming to these sites are strictly confined to the subject at hand, diapers. I dont need to troll for relationships, which makes it much easier to gain usefull knowledge here.

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    I think one of the main differences between this website is that members only have to be 13 to join our website, whilst on Daily Diapers you need to be 18+. I imagine that means that we don't talk about the fetish-side of being an AB/DL in as much detail as people might on Daily Diapers and generally have to keep conversation topics suitable for minors. I guess it also means that Daily Diapers doesn't have the perspective of teenage members adding their own insight to topics. But I am unsurprised that the two sites otherwise seem quite similar - I guess when given a place to talk about diapers and related interests in a safe and non-judgemental place it is natural that AB/DLs etc come up with the same topics. I get a sense of deja vu quite often on this site as I find myself answering a question to a newer member almost identical to one I answered for another member just a few weeks ago.

    I understand your fear about having your kinks endanger your volunteering relationship. Being an AB isn't a sexual fetish for me, but even so I worry that were I to be outed as an AB it would compromise my future career. I do a lot of work in schools at the moment, and hope this to be the case in my future, and I am rather paranoid that this side of me could be discovered by someone who doesn't understand and comes to an incorrect conclusion about what being an AB is all about. Getting to go to camps with the kids sounds lots of fun, I bet being part of the scouts is lots of fun

    My hobby of knitting and sewing sounds much like yours for woodworking - I manage to spend money buying lots of lovely tools and materials and books etc but never actually get around to making anything! I have made a couple of things, but mostly I buy things ready for when I find the time to make them, but then never set aside the time. I hope as winter sets in I will get another surge of love for knitting and make myself lots of lovely hats and scarves and gloves and other useful things

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