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Thread: Disposable underwear thoughts??

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    Question Disposable underwear thoughts??

    Hey all. I was curious if people had some input about the different disposable underwear and adjustable underwear available at local drugstores (walgreens). I know selection will be limited to probably depend brand and their store brand, but wondering which is better... The least puffy ruffly old ladyish...

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    I like Depend Underwear for Men. They are very thin, discreet, quiet, and absorbent. I seriously wear them under tight jeans, and nobody can tell. I actually showed my friend one day, and she said she couldn't tell, and never would have known if I hadn't pulled the waistband out and shown her. I even pulled up my shirt, and spun around but she said she couldn't tell. I really have no complaints about how they work, feel, or look. They even have them with patterns on them which is cool. I have never had a leak, and have easily gone through 60+ since I've started using them. I regularly flood them with no problems, and even wet them up to three times with no problems. In my opinion they are the closest adult size diaper available to Goodnites.

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    Soggy: everyone says depend capacity is really low, but you're finding otherwise? you just have a really small bladder?

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    I'm not worried about capacity. Looking for something diaperish that is less of a tape on brief and more pull on. Goodnites would be perfect but sizing for adults just isn't there. That leaves us with the disposable underwear and adjustable underwear from depends, a store brand, or online. I'm right now just looking at store stuff.

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    Don't have a Walgreens here, but we have a Walmart... just carries Depend, Tena and the Walmart brand (Equate, I think?). If you're not concerned about capacity, the no-name brands are usually the least bulky. I have never tried the Depend underwear for men... just the women's and the regular ones. I don't recommend the Depend adjustable... you can rarely ever re-adjust or put them on without removing your pants. Tena is probably the best of the three for capacity... not girly, but still rather 'puffy'. I use Attends Super Plus underwear, but am not sure of their availability there; I order from my pharmacy.
    Honestly? Do what I've done... if you're curious about the store-brand, open the bag and look at it... just don't get caught by a store employee! lol
    *Edit* AND, if a store brand sucks, they're more likely to accept a return. Most stores would never accept a return on Depend or Tena, claiming you would have to contact the company if unsatisfied, but if the brand is owned by a store, they'll likely refund you or make an exchange.

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    The disposable underwear/pull-ups/adjustable briefs etc just aren't worth the money. First off, if you wet them and you need to change you'd have to take everything off to do it. Second, if you chance wetting them, there really isn't much padding and the chance of leaking is great. If they had more padding they might be better but most of the brief is just the material holding what little padding there is in place. If you plan to wet much, diapers are a much better investment. Disposable underwear is for someone who is just playing around or who thinks they might be interested in diapers and think these are like what the little kids wear when potty training. Not even close!!!

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    Through the day, if I'm close enough, I can make it to a bathroom so my daily wear is disposable underwear. I have been using Attends and Depend extra and super plus underwear. I slightly prefer the Depends they are a little tighter fit with no falling down or sagging in the but. They fit and wear just like normal underwear, are completely undetectable and will take one good flooding or 2-3 small/medium wettings without leaking. If you know you are gonna need a change while out, they are thin enough you can wear 2 making for an easy change in public.

    Unfortunately they are getting harder to find and being replaced with the men's and women's versions. The men's are good to, they have a printed dark waistband for discreteness and a little more padding and polymer in the front but are lacking in the seat compared to the old Extra and Super's. The Depend/Attends sizes run big so drop a size when buying. I use a small/medium with a 38" waist and 200lbs.

    The Depend adjustable underwear has pretty much the same padding as the Extra/Supers but is tough to get a good fit (very loose and saggy/puffy) and velcro tapes fail when pulled tight enough to make them fit.

    Tena's run a close second with respectable performance and some decent padding (unless recently changed) and are probably closest to a GN with Depends being a little more like real underwear.

    You might find Tranquility in the odd pharmacy, If you do snatch 'em up. The premium nightime are crazy absorbent, fit great and are still discrete enough for daytime wear. Probably the best disposable underwear out there.

    Hope some of this helps, feel free to PM if you want to chat about this or anything else.

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    Well I buy the store brand diapers(walgreens/cvs) they actually work pretty good. They are not that thick unfortunately. I much prefer to have thick diapers. I am not able to buy the good kind of diapers online yet. I would suggest them to anyone who cant buy diapers online.^^

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