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Thread: Hello, I'm new

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    Cool Hello, I'm new

    i wore diapers for awhile, bed wetting.

    however, i stopped now, but i still react whenever i hear the word diaper.

    I noticed the relatively unnatural attraction to diapers awhile back.

    i never acted upon it though... i never wore diapers outside, in fact i haven't wore a diaper since my bed wetting days.

    i downloaded some videos here and there.

    was not looking to join a "community", however, i saw my rm mate on a diaper site and i decided to join. still haven't figured out if she has a profile or not...

    i can say she goes to school in Iowa and her name starts with R... can't say more for her privacy...

    don't know how involved i will be here, but i'll see how it pans out

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    Hey Welcome to the site. Hope you have a good time one here. Try telling us some of your non-diaper related interests so we can get to know you better.

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    Welcome, and have you tried posting in the regular DL form as well?

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    *giggles* take it from an incontinent girl, take the initiative((not that im implying shes incontinent but its still in danger land in the level of privacy involved))((cuz were shy and therefore we wont... or atleast i wouldnt... lol :P).... u dont gotta like make it sound bad but if its something that was noticable and she didnt seem to joke around... be a big boy, take the initiative ^^)/ and spark a conversation... just dont corner her and be a perv. :P

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    Even if she's not like that, at least you don't have to wonder about it or hide you're things. The worst that could happen is she moves out, or that she starts a rumor. Keep in mind, IT'S A RUMOR! She will have no real credible evidence, so just deny it and say that she just doesn't like you and started a silly rumor as an immature attempt to mess with you.

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    Hello Roxas. I see by your user name and avatar that you're a Kingdom Hearts fan. Do you like any other video games in specific?

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    i should apologies for my actions. i am not an ABDL. i found out about my roommates situation awhile back.

    i decided i should learn more about this community before i actually talked to him, even more so before i judged him.

    recently, i confronted him and told him that i knew and i accepted him.

    it was a little awkward, and he denied it at first of course, making up generic lies.

    so i posted this thead, in the hopes he would read it.

    if he didn't want to tell me and brush me off, he could use the lie i stated.

    i would have accepted him either way and left it at that.

    he did tell me the truth though, and he told me he figured out this account was me.

    now the tension between us is lessened, and things are better than before.

    now for his privacy, and everyone else here.

    i shall leave the community.

    post freely my friends.

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