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Thread: This Song Is How I'm Feeling

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    Lol nice topic it reminded me i have to do this for homework. Now to find a song that i can relate to my life and write 7 paragraph essay on that i dont care if my teacher reads.

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    Oh, wow, bringin me all the way back to 04 with that one. There were a few Simple Plan songs that I thought I could relate to when I was going through some rough patches.

    YouTube - Big D & The Kids Table - "Shining On" Side One Dummy
    That's my life right there.

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    YouTube - TnC Anime ED - No Moral (TV Size)

    everything in the english parts of the song
    (Please don't mind the japenese)

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    I have always considered Sheryl Crow's song "if it makes you happy" kind of my anthem song, although I do really like "Welcome to my life" as posted by HlpPlz

    YouTube - Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy (with lyrics in description)

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    After the day I've had, it's gotta be "Tomorrow" from Annie. I can't post the link, but we all know the song.

    I love ya!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpPlz1996 View Post
    YouTube - Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life (video) Album Version audio

    Awesome song, but this is how I've been feeling lately.
    Just a quick FYI but it's cool to really, really hate Simple Plan and I guess that means their fans are fair game to. Though I'll admit I bought 2 or 3 of their songs from Itunes when they were popular.

    A better song for example is this.

    Get's the same point across really.

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