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Thread: botox for the bladder?

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    Default botox for the bladder?

    So I recently had another Urologist appointment, and they still cant figure out whats wrong. They are sending me to a neurologist to rule out nerve damage, disformaties, and MS(leg pain points them in that direction). If everything checks out there, i apparently get a diagnoses of Interstitial cystitis, which apparently is a blanket diagnoses for when they cant find anything else. She then said I might be a good candidate for botox injections for my bladder. Anyone been thru this, or heard of it? It paralyses the muscles to allow them to stretch and expand, BUT, apparently to go pee you have to cath yourself for 6 months.

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    No can't say I have good luck to you

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    Doesn't Botox wear off? Anything more permanent?

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    Is it worth it to you? I'm not sure I'd want to try it because I have heard it was a painful process (not sure about having to cath for an entire 6 months, 'though) and I heard it was not a very long-lasting procedure, so it has to be repeated fairly often. Weigh the pros and cons... I hate being incontinent and I hate wearing diapers, but I prefer it over the risks of botox therapy.

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    I've never heard of this treatment before, but It sounds risky. I would never intentionally inject dangerous bacteria into my body.

    I know they have devices that squeeze the urethra and one that goes in your rectum that is said to strengthen that muscle. On the other end they have one that goes in and hold the sphincter open so urine flows trough freely. It's used for people who are paralyzed and have no ability to open that muscle.

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    I think the risks of being catheterized for six solid months are far too high to warrant consideration =/. But that's just me - it really just depends on how much diapers & incontinence are affecting your life.

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    I agree, I had to cath for a week and it was painful, embarrassing, inconvenient, and despite best efforts by doctors, gave me an infection. It was a hell for a week, so 6 months would be 24 times worse. I hate IC as much as the next guy, but I would not do it, ever. But that's just me.

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    I had to cath myself for several weeks after back surgery and I hated it. I would try something else.

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    Botox injections for me were not painful. For males, they normally will put you out and do the treatment in the OR. For women, a lot of doctors will do it in the office for them. Yes it does wear off but if it does help it may be worth it for some. For me the two weeks it worked for me, I didn't have to use a catheter, I was actually able to void without problems. The reason they sometimes want you to self cath is because there is a chance that the bladder may overfill and start backing up into the kidneys.

    Please keep in mind that for those of us that are incontinent we must do what we feel will allow us to live the quality of life that we really want. What doesn't work for someone else may work for you and what works for you may not work for others. We are all different and must really do what is right for our self not what others think.

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