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    Hi everyone!
    I recently joined ADISC to meet and talk to other TB/DLs. I am a calm, happy, and fun teenager. I'm looking eager to read and post responses. I am a freshmen in high school.
    I became interested in diapers when I was younger. I always found them safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, I've never ventured out to buy any, but I do have some samples.
    Besides diapers, I enjoy movies, reading, and gaming. I watch all sorts of movies, but I don't enjoy all of them! I like to read fiction novels, whether classic or fairly recent. Finally, I'm a die hard gamer who has and Xbox 360 and live. I have plenty of games, but I haven't had much time to play them because of school. My games range all types of genres.
    I actually came across ADISC a couple of years ago while searching the web for diaper stories. I never got around to joining, but I finally did a few days ago. I look forward to browsing the forum and getting acquainted with it!
    One more thing, I thank spddan for his cheat sheet!

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    Hi and welcome to ADISC. I also found the site by looking up Adult baby and diaper stories. I guess I wasn't aware that it was a group and when I did realize it I was hesitant about joining the site. But I am glad I did. There are a lot of good people here and that support you and just talk about other things in general.

    I am a bit older but I have always had an interest in baby stuff. When I played house with my younger sister (younger by 5 1/2 years) I always let her be the mommy and the teacher at school. I also would try to get into the babydoll stuff like cribs when I was young. Later I decided that I wanted a paci instead of sucking on my thumb.. that was in college.

    What is your favorite movie? My all time favorite is You've Got Mail. But I enjoy Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life and I like the Matrix series and I am just all around.

    What are your favorite books? I love John Grisham and have noticed a new book out, I think.

    I have a Wii and my favorite games are the Guitar Hero games. Have you played any of these. My only fault is I bought Metallica first and in my opinion it is the best.

    Well I am glad you are here and that you gave a wonderful introduction.

    You will like it here. I am sure you will find many that are your age here and in chat!

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