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Thread: Hello, everyone.

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    Default Hello, everyone.

    Well, not much to say here. Creeping the internet idly led me to this website, and I figured I should join.

    By most standards I would be a diaper lover, methinks, since, well, they are quite simply comfortable. This is accompanied by whatever mental attraction they hold, etc, but it still remains something that isn't looked upon well in most circles. Luckily I ended up with a girl, who after quite a few years (we grew up together) is my fiance, and dealt with me all of this time. I wasn't sure how she would react to this silly liking I had picked up, but then again, she isn't without quirks (she makes quite a pretty penny off of furry art.) So, moving along...

    And, as far as personal information goes, I'm relatively friendly, loquacious, and, above all, edible. But, then again, so is everyone else.

    Um...not much else to say here, I think. This looks like a cool place. I hope I don't break anything.

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    Hi EbonyTalon,

    I like your name - seems very unusual

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC How luck you are to have found a fiance who accepts your DL side, particularly as as you say it is something that isn't always looked upon well. Luckily we seem to hear more and more stories of people's friends and partners accepting their AB/DL etc side on this website so perhaps people are slowly becoming more accepting of us

    So, aside from diapers what kind of stuff do you like. Any hobbies or interests?

    Enjoy yourself here, and I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hiya, welcome to Adisc!
    Its nice that you have a finance that accepts you for who you are. When I read "above all, edible. But, then again, so is everyone else." Charlie and the Chocolate Factory popped into my head.

    Willy Wonka: "Everything in this room is edible, even I'm edible! But that children is considered cannibalism, and is frowned upon in societies."

    Again welcome to Adisc, and I wish you the best of luck here!

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    As far as hobbies and the like, I am a bit of a gaming nut, but then aren't we all. I sink my teeth into any tournament I manage to find. Most of the time, however, you find me waist deep in the chem lab, doing something or other. I'm one of those people who absolutely love chemistry, even if it is going to be the death of me before I finish these last three years.

    And yes, I consider myself lucky to be with someone who is understanding, although I think I just couldn't get rid of her if I wanted at this point. As "odd" of a thing it is, why should that be enough to end any sort of relationship?

    And yes, I was pulling from that quote there, good catch. :P

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    Cool, I'm a gaming nut as well. I have made some video games aswell. Never been to a gaming tournament though. Chemistry sounds fun. Are you taking it as a major or just a side class for collage?

    Thanks, nice quote to pull from. :P

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    My major is Professional Chemistry, therefore I am taking a few labs this semester, some more next, and the one after that, etc. I want to be able to lock myself in a lab one day and never come out, more or less.

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    Haha, that is awesome. Sounds like a good major to me.

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    Yeah, as long as you remain in the odd fifty or so that actually manage not to fail out. These classes can get brutal. Between that and Calc 3, things just get out of hand.

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    I bet! I hear that Calculus can be pretty hard. I know the feeling all too well when school work can get out of hand. DX

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