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Thread: i have about 25 inch thighs. what kind of diaper could i use.

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    Default i have about 25 inch thighs. what kind of diaper could i use.

    also i wear 32 pants. iwant to know kind i can wear.

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    I dunno, that's (being 32) like the borderline between medium and small for most brands I think. Like, I dunno, bambino and abena. So you could probably try either depeding on whether or not you want them kinda too big, or kinda too smal. There is no middle ground! But wait... this is your first post...

    WELCOME TO ADISC! ONE LETTER AWAY FROM BEING A DISCO! You should make an intro thread, introduce yourself, not come off as being too creepy and tell us about your interests outside of this fetish / strangely comforting in a monstly or entirely non-sexul way passtime! Make friends! Make posts! Ask questions! Reply answers! Chat! Blog! Read! Participate! Learn way to abuse marshamallows! The possibilites are almost limitless. Except for most of them were listed there. Take fun.

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    My thighs are 35 in and I can fit in a pampers cruisers size 7...
    So maybe you can try that if you don't prefer adult diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDdl View Post
    on the rules it says no inside jokes so here is a link to it
    my 2c FWIW, "inside joke" refers to something that only a handful of people here will understand, typically that's between 2-3 people. Referring to an entire thread here with an inside reference doesn't really qualify. The point is that posting something here that's of no value to anyone but a couple people is inappropriate use of a public forum. (you don't post an article in a newspaper than only three readers can use) I'm (unfortunately) sure many dozens of us "get" the marshmallow reference.

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    I'd try goodnites.. they stretch alot and fit well

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