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Thread: What kind are these?

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    Default What kind are these?

    It looks like a Goodnite (maybe is), but I've never seen that design. Anyone have an idea?

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    I've never seen that design before, but it has one of those sticky tapes at the back for sealing the used pull-up. Therefore I don't think it's a goodnite, or anything else made by Huggies or Pampers as they don't use the sticky-tapes. The only pull-ups I've seen with those tapes (in the UK) were a store-brought band. I can't remember the name of them, they belonged to a kid I was babysitting so I didn't pay much attention. I just remember the tapes being useful for rolling the used ones up. But anyway, my guess is that they are just some generic pull-up for children potty-training.

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    it might be a private lable brand like you could get off a medical supply websight or store

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    that's a totally cute design! also looks awful well padded for a pullup?

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    no its a gerneric brand of goodnites from walgreens rite aid or CVS I BEleive.

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    The image host is down... Damn. I'll recheck later.
    (It's not just the picture. It's the whole site. See?)

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    did you tack it to a door?
    i never saw those kind before

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