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Thread: Vesicare

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    if your a guy , their are some sexual side affects along with dry mouth and possible upset stomach.
    that's why I switched to Detrol LA

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    What does it do?

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    I was put on Vesicare for three weeks, and even though vesicare is the least strongest of the medication for treating Urge incontinence I got really bad craps and was constipated about everyday in which I had blood when I wiped. So medication isn't really a option for me.

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    I'm currently on it, and the worse side effect is constipation that I noticed. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working well for me.

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    For some guy's they have trouble rising to the occasion so to speak.

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    These commercials for UAB make me laugh! Its like there's an easy option with no side affects and all of us here know about it.

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    I was give a trial of Vessicare about three years ago, but I eventually decided not to take it. I had tried Detrol, Diptropan and Imipramine for my OAB in the distant past and experienced side effects ranging from serious changes in my blood pressure to nervous/dizzy spells. To top it all off, the drugs did little to change my urge incontinence. Some people can tolerate these anticholinergics better than others so if you haven't taken any so far, give it a shot and report back to your doctor. Just be aware that the side effects can be very bothersome, even problematic.

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    I was on Vesicare for three weeks also and it made me constipated and everytime I wiped there was blood.

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