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Thread: Sup evryone it's me Dave :D

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    Cool Sup evryone it's me Dave :D

    Hello My name is Dave I live in Naperville, Illinois So basically i'm a cool guy to get to know and I look forward to hanging out sometime. so add me if u want .

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    Hi Dave,
    Welcome to ADISC

    I don't doubt that you're a cool guy to get to know, so how about you tell us a bit more about yourself so we can get to know you? What kind of stuff do you enjoy doing? Do you have any interesting hobbies or passions? Anything weird you collect? Or maybe you play a sport or an instrument?

    Your introductions thread is a great place to tell us a bit about yourself and maybe even find some people who like the same kind of stuff as you, so the more you tell us the more friends you'll start to make And if you want any help with what to write take a look at this 'cheat sheet':

    Looking forward to hearing more about you

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    Hiya! Welcome to Adisc! Yeah, your introduction is a great way for members of the forum to get to know you and relate to you. Enjoy your time here.

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