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    Default Im All Shiny And New

    Im Megan and im from the uk, Im a teen baby and i came here to talk to other likeminded people.
    I love listening to music, playing guitar and baking

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    Hi Megan,

    Welcome to ADISC. Great to have another person from the UK join us We even have a special group set up for all the UKers - UK-DISC - You might also like to check out the other groups if you're interested in meeting people with similar interests to your own

    What kind of music do you like? Is your name a reference to the Muse song? I love Muse Back when Origin Of Symmetry came out I hardly listened to anything else for months. What other bands do you enjoy listening to?

    I too love baking as well, What kind of things do you like baking? I love making bread, I like to experment with adding exciting things to the dough. My favourite breads to make are either cheese & caramelised onion or a cinnamony fruit bread, depending on if I fancy sweet or savoury. Yum yum. I also love making (and decorating, of course) cakes and cookies and scones. I love cooking in general though, at the moment I am going through a phase of making loads and loads of soup. Naturally yesterday I made pumpkin soup, although I put in far too many chillis, and accidentally bought the hottest variety, so I have to eat loads of yoghurt after it!

    But anyway, welcome to the forums Can't wait to hear more from you
    - Jess

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    Hiya Megan! Welcome to ADISC!

    Cool, what music do you like? I like most music myself, except for a few genres here and there.

    How good at the guitar are you? I still need to practice and learn how to play mine. XD

    Cool that you bake, I'm actually good at cooking, what food do you bake?

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    hi megan, welcome to adisc
    like the people who posted before me, i like music too what type of music do you like? and what type of stuff do you bake? is there anything else that you interested in?

    sorry to post so many question, but I'm just curious

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    I absolutley love Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Mystery Jets, The Hoosiers and loads more. As for playing guitar im not very good at it tbh

    I like to bake cakes, muffins, cookies, and biscuits

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