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    Default Shaving

    I have recently gotten the urge to shave my pubic region for a variety of reasons, clearly diapers are one of them.

    1. Is this a normal thing for a college guy to do?
    2. Will this raise any eyebrows

    Assuming that it is acceptable, which as far as I can tell it is; what method is best.

    I appreciate your answers on this somewhat awkward and undiscussed topic.

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    Unless you're showing off your package to everyone you meet, I don't think that it'll raise too many eyebrows. I tend to shave mine down every so often, just to make it more manageable.

    I would get a beard trimmer, and use that to shave it down, before going over it with a razor to shave it down to the skin. Just make sure you wash the blades before using it to shave your face... Or, even better, keep it separate from your normal shaver. Same goes for the razor.

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    Well, apparently its so socially acceptable that a friend of mine felt the need to mention to me that he had done it (we where both on our school's swim team, and apparently it was an attempt to make his Speedo feel less uncomfortable out of the water). I found it kinda funny, because I had been planing to shave my pubes for a while already (for a different reason, obviously).

    Anyway, from what I've heard they are women who prefer there partner to be shaved down there, so yes, there are "vanilla" reasons to do it.

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    Don't worry about it. I shave my chest, my stomach, my front and back and in between, and my legs.
    I get a lot of razor burn on my upper legs though. My sister just bought a thermosonic hair remover ("No! No!") which burns the hair off and smells like shit, but it lasts as long as wax and thins out the hair like a laser does. It is also painless and works on all hair and skin tones unlike a laser... I'll have to steal it a few times...

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    As a guy who shaves everything regularly, I personally recommend it.

    As for technique:

    • My fear going in was getting a cut on something sensitive. This won't be a problem if you're careful. For actually shaving on your penis/scrotum, use a liberal amount of shaving cream and a brand new blade (do a swipe somewhere else first to be sure it doesn't have nicks).
    • Pull the penis/scrotum so the skin is tight and tight and do a small area at a time. Also, don't leave the shaving cream on this skin long (1-2 minute tops). Shaving cream (by design) has various chemicals your skin absorbs. This is thin skin, so it absorbs said chemicals fast. You'll get some burning if you aren't fast.
    • When doing detail work, like the scrotum, I sometimes find it easier to pop the blade off the shaft and hold the blade directly (by the part that attaches to the shaft). If you cut yourself, it probably won't be actually in cutting some hair but in idly moving the blade to the next spot. This gives you much better control and you're much less likely to accidentally cut something.
    • For shaving around your anus, I recommend not trying that with a blade until you get really good at shaving the front parts. Using a trimmer on an electric is fine.
    • Don't even think of using aftershave.
    • Consider getting the stuff on your lower back, too. I use the back of my hand to apply shaving cream there, and then do vertical swipes. This stuff will grow back slowly, too.
    • Go to a drugstore and buy some cortizone cream. Your pubic area will itch like you can't believe after the first time you shave it. Expect a lot of irritation. Once the irritation goes away and you start regrowing hair, shave it again. You'll get less irritation this time. Keep repeating. It sucks, but it gets better, and after a while there's none. I almost never get irritation, but I've done this for years.
    • I don't know what kind of razors you use, but this is the time to invest in a good one. I use a Gillette Fusion. Be prepared to use multiple blades if it's your first time. I have hair everywhere, but a somewhat below average thickness. My first time, I shaved my arms, armpits, chest, lower abdomen (happy trail), pubic hair, crotch hair, lower back, and legs. I killed 2 blades and finished with the third. If you're covered like a bear, you'll probably need more than four.
    • If this is your first time, you'll spend forever on your legs. What's more, the day after you shave you're going to notice tons of spots you missed. Expect to go back for touch-ups the day after.
    • I don't know how heavy you are, but if you have a clear view of your pubic area past your stomach, it'll be much easier. God I miss when I weighed less!

    Hope this helped! Let me know if you have more questions. I've been doing this for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    1. Is this a normal thing for a college guy to do?
    2. Will this raise any eyebrows
    1. First, let's look past the irony of asking a diaper fetishism community what's normal. Anyhoo, while I didn't see nearly as many penises in my college days as I'd have liked, I doubt it's uncommon. It's just something people don't exactly make into a point of conversation at the dining hall. Does everyone do it? No. But I'm sure way, way more people are doing it than you're aware.
    2. I'm curious how often people see you naked that you wonder if this will raise eyebrows. In any case, if you're a guy who generally takes care of hygiene and his appearance, then I think most people would just view this as an aspect of your personal grooming. It's just your thing, like the way you style the hair on your head, IMO. As for girls, perhaps some here will chime in if they were with a guy and discover he shaves down when his pants come off. Some will go for it. Some won't get hot over it. But I doubt any will find it a turnoff. Edit: Not sure if you're into guys or girls. Guys will generally go for it, but again, everyone's different.

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    The entire football team at my school does it. I know a lot of guys do. I do it mainly in the summertime when I have more time in the mornings (when I don't work). It keeps things much more manageable. I use a scissors to trim it down, then shave it. Make sure you use shaving cream when you do shave, and I suggest lotion afterwards. A beard trimmer would be nice, but I don't want my mom asking why I have one....

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    With regards to "is it normal?" the answer is that it is more common than you think and it doesn't really matter because very, very few people should ever get the opportunity to see it anyway.

    In regards to the best method, we have about 11 sextillion threads on this - the standard advice regarding using the search function applies. My personal suggestion is an electric solution for non-facial shaving, like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. These things can be had for $30 and you don't have to worry about cutting yourself, cream, blade sharpness, or any of that - it just works. You can shave fairly close with it, and you can also use it to just trim short.

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    If you look at the recently conducted poll here on ADISC you can see that about 80% of the members here have shaved their pubic region before, so I certainly don't think it is that unusual.

    Poll: Link to poll

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I appreciate your answers on this somewhat awkward and undiscussed topic.
    "Undiscussed", eh?

    All (and more) found with a simple search for the word "shaving"...

    I'm still trying to figure this one out myself, actually. It seems that, while my face & neck are fine with shaving, the rest of my body hates me doing it. Everywhere I shave I get some degree of shaving rash. It's very minor on my underarms, chest and groin, but my legs (thighs, especially) flare up ridiculously. My technique is to use tweezers to remove the darker hairs on my chest and "happy trail" (that strip of hair below your navel), since plucking hairs keeps them gone for longer and means that they won't be so rough when they do grow back. I'm not too hairy, though, so I don't have a huge amount of dark hairs to remove in that way. I'll then shave my armits & crotch with a standard wet razor (Gillette Fusion Power), epilate my lower legs and feet (since those areas aren't too painful ) and use the shaving head of my epilator (one of these things) to shave my thighs and chest. I've found that electric shaving doesn't produce nearly as much of a rash as wet shaving does, but that could just be me and/or something I'm doing (or not doing) wrong

    I'll also point out here that I possess one of the aforementioned Phillips Bodygrooms and it's pretty rubbish at shaving closely. The trimming head on it is nice, since you can control how closely it trims, but my body still feels very sandpapery after shaving using it. The shaving head of my epilator is much better (my skin's actually smooth, albeit only for 12 hours or so - but you're not going to do better than that without going down the waxing/epilating/laser route).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    1. Is this a normal thing for a college guy to do?
    In my experience with college men, some do and some don't. I think not shaving is more common due to laziness, but shaved is certainly not a rare or strange thing.

    2. Will this raise any eyebrows
    Nah, probably not.

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