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Thread: Close call this morning... twice

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    Default Close call this morning... twice

    So yea, I've got a friend back at home who's younger than me (my sister's age) and also friends with my sister. I was at one of my friends' houses last night and I got back really late and my/sister's friend was @ my house hanging with her, so I just went in my room and waited for him to come into my room to say hey or something, but he didn't, so I put on a diapy since I haven't got to use them in over a month...

    Then early this morning, my friend comes into my room while I'm sleeping under the covers with just a wet diapy on and jumps right on top of me... I tried my hardest not to move or to let him accidently hit the diaper so that he wouldn't hear the crinkling noise. He laid there for 5 mins talking to me and I kinda just wanted him to go. He eventually left and I fell back asleep... but once again, I'm awakened when he jumps back on me again.

    Ugh, I'm stuck in this stupid situation. Like I really REALLY want to wear them but every time I come home, all my friends want to hang with me constantly (I have 3 friends texting me now wanting to hang, 2 of which are coming over shortly *even though I kinda just want to chill in this diapy*). I want to hang with my friends, but I also just want time to myself to chill in my diapy and not worry about a thing.

    This would be so much easier if I had friends who wear them too, then I could do both!

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    It's a good thing to have friends!

    You could always tell them if you thought they were the kind of friends who would stick with you regardless. Idk if I would though, just a thought.

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    Wow, that sucks. Back in high school I had a friend over, he went to throw something in my trash and was had to be left right on top, but a used Goodnite! He actually picked it up and exclaimed "diaper!" He left it at that though. Plus, he was an exchange student from Brazil, so he said it with a Portuguese accent. As for your friends, I guess you have to make decisions; either suck it up and hang out with them, tell them no and diaper up...or you could try wearing around them :P

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    It sounds like you have interesting friends who enjoy laying on top of you. You must be popular..haha. I think you are blessed, but I understand your wanting to wear in privacy.

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    Yea, I kinda had an excuse tonight...I had to do homework, so it worked out alright. I'm chillin in a diaper now

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    Oh god... Now I'm thinking how I'll get through college without diapers...
    If I were you, I would totally get an apartment with friends, and have my own room.

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