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Thread: is it ok to go 24/7 for a week

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    Default is it ok to go 24/7 for a week

    OK my girlfriend and I have this week off so we that we spend the hall week in baby moed. A week of being diapered 24/7 well that still cause damage in the long run. my girlfriend wants to mack the potty off limits this week.
    I know going 24/7 is a bad idea but a week isnt going to heart any thing rite.

    PS I am sorry for my bad spelling I am tacking a class for it I am having a hard time learning how to spell so please do not mack this about my spelling.

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    Going 24/7 for a week shouldn't cause any damage at all, so long as you don't try and hold it for an unnecessarily long time or anything unusual. Just make sure that you don't always let go as soon as you feel the urge to pee, but hold it for a little while first (like you would normally) just to confirm to your body that you are still in control of when and where you pee so that you don't become too relaxed with using your diapers.

    I think the worst harm that could come of going 24/7 for a week is probably a bad case of diaper rash, so make sure you clean yourself well between changes and use powder/cream to help prevent it. Other than that, just have fun and enjoy it

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    well if diaper rash is all I got to worry about than I am all in. well say bi bi to adult Matt for a week and say hallow to little Matty lol
    I think this is going to be a fun week

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    Good luck

    Sounds like it will be fun, no way I can find that kind of time lol.

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    thank you kiwis I think this well be the only time we well be able to do this again in a long time.

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    A week won't make you incontinent, that takes years of not holding it at all. Just keep clean and change regularly and you'll be fine.

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    Lucky...... Lol. Keep CLEAN. Lol. U don't need a big big rash little Matty.

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    as with the posts above this one week wont hurt. have fun

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    Yes, don't take diaper rash lightly as it can really hurt. There is a night time diaper cream which is thicker, so you might try that. There's also the often used Desitin so don't over look that either. It will really protect you.

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    Won't screw you up any. I've gone 3 weeks and nothing bad has happened. (That's my record.)

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