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    Hey everyone

    I'm Doggybaby, i'm a TBDL from NC. and i haven't worn any diapers in forever
    hopefully when I get my car I can go out and buy them and hide them in my room.

    I joined ADISC because it seems like the only place with an active teen forum

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    Welcome to ADISC! We do have a lot of teens here so you are in good company, and there are plenty of adults too. It is a good mix of people.

    Anyway, aside from your TB/DL interests what kind of stuff are you interested? Do you have any passions, hobbies or interests? You mentioned getting a car, have you got your license or are you currently taking lessons? Do you like cars or know what kind of car you're getting? I don't really know much about cars, and although I started learning to drive over 5 years i still haven't passed a test! Although I haven't had a lesson in a few years either, I have given up for the moment...

    Anyway, I see you've been here over 18 months already! But now you've posted an intro I hope you feel a bit more like posting in the forums, and i look forward to hearing more from you

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    Oh yeah I think i signed up on here but just lurked instead of posting :/

    and I don't know much about cars either. i finished drivers ed a while ago and now all i need is my permit

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