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Thread: Rant on the No More Heroes Games (revised)

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    Default Rant on the No More Heroes Games (revised)

    OK, I'm going to open up with the fact that the first game was awesome, like a work of art. It was action packed, full of awesome bosses, areas, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Everywhere except the US had to censor out the gore, and I like my games like I like my steaks cooked: Bloody. Seriously, I give it 5 stars across the board.

    Anyhow, The second game was a total disappointment.

    1.) new combat system: I hate it because it lacks the last game's brutality, and it's a bit harder to control. And what's with the ecstasy gauge? WTF? And the Powerups? Don't even get me started. But, I have to give points for different enemy types.
    Overall rating: *****

    2.) The bosses: Hated the lot of them. I haven't even finished the story, but I hate how you jump from 50 to 25 after a battle with a giant F***ing robot, made of cheerleaders. then you defeat Dr. Letz Shake (even though I liked his reappearance; I was looking forward to his battle in the first game) bumps you up from 23 to 10, iirc. My point is, you don't defeat 51 assassins, you beat a lot less than that. Also, the logic a faulty. Even though I enjoyed the battle with Letz, how did he survive after being cut in half and exploding? How did Destroyman survive after sharing a similar fate? I really think they hit it off with bosses like Bad Girl (pun intended), and they should've had more people who are obviously out of their minds, because no one in their right mind is likely to be an assassin. I also hate the anime-esque robot battles, and whateherface that you had to kill as henry (who is really some kind of anime thing....)
    Overall Rating: *****

    3.) Working: If no one noticed... when you go to work, everything regresses down into 8-bit mode. WTH is up with that? If I wanted to play retro games, I'd dig out my old NES and play that. Seriously, how does that even make sense in the slightest? What happens? Does Travis do 'shrooms or something because he hates his jobs so much, so that everything is in 8-bit? IDK, but it's not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it's not very fun either.
    Overall Rating: *****

    Few other points:
    Ryan, the guy who owns the gym, is in pink, and is (probably purposely) given innuendos that can be disturbing, especially for the sick minded friend watching you play who laughs like a hyena every time you have to recharge your beam katana. When sparring (also pixilated, which is another minus), He throws kisses and dumbbells at you.

    You get told that Travis is seeking revenge with an extra beam katana, but you only get to wield 2 near the end of the game. Very disappointing.

    I give the game, as a whole, gets 1.5 stars. If that.

    Your thoughts?
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