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    So I am trying to figure out if my friend is a furry or not, maybe im just looking to deep into what hes saying.

    But anywho, the other day we were talking, and he started up with what he was going to do for Halloween. He said he was going to wear a fursuit probably a fox or wolf. Now maybe its just me, but I thought only furries called them fur suits, because you ask most people and they would have no clue what that was.

    The only reason I say that is because for the longest time, I didn't know thats what they were called. I always called them animal costumes...

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    Ok, in my opinion, it could go either way. It is odd that he knows what a fur suit is by name, and it is slightly odd that he is dressing up in one, but then again, it could just be a coencidense.

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    It is probable. Like you, before entering the furry world, I didn't know the name of the fursuit. And it being a fox or a wolf makes it even more suspicious.

    But remember: awareness is different to being something. And in Halloween, lots of people dress up as really random stuff.

    As many other threads have said: it might be true, but jumping to conclusions leads to nothing. If he's a true friend, and you trust each other, why don't you ask? I mean, if he's already willing to wear something almost only furrys wear exclusively, he might not think we're pervs or something.

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    What's the harm in asking him outright? "Hey, since you said 'fursuit', do you happen to know about the furry fandom?" If yes, awesome, if no, "Oh, well a fox costume sounds great!"

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    Everyone's given good advice, but I can add too . Maybe you could just slowly bring up Furry fandom in a conversation. Maybe even just casually saying, oh did you see that thing online? It would be great to have a friend who is a furry, but if not, discreetly end the conversation.
    Although, he may be a furry, without knowing about the furry fandom :/ (or maybe I'm over analysing :P)
    But good Luck anyway

    EDIT: 100th post *party popper* ~~~~~

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    I just want to point out that if you type 'furry animal costume' into google, then these three links turn up on the first page:

    Furry Fandom on Wikepedia
    Fursuit on WikiFur
    Furry on Encyclopedia Dramatica

    So chances are if he's even thought about going as an animal and looked it up online for inspiration he's been confronted with at least three sites (and that's just on the first page) telling him everything he could ever want to know about fursuits.

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    I would just let it ride and see how it goes, so what if he is a furry, its no big deal. The world is full of us

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    Yeh, I figured I would wait until halloween and see how things play out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddles View Post
    I would just let it ride and see how it goes, so what if he is a furry, its no big deal. The world is full of us
    Yeah, it would be nice to have someone I know personally, that is a furry

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    Not sure that Encyclopedia Dramatica would be encouraging, though, Talula...
    But yeah, there shouldn't be any harm in asking. What I'd probably ask first is why your friend chose to dress up in a fursuit for Halloween. Maybe that'd jump-start a conversation, then go from there.

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    If your friend is going to wear a fur suit for halloween... Maybe you should too ^o^
    It could lead to a conversation hehe. YAY!

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