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    Smile D20 / D 'n' D

    So, who here plays D20 or D 'n' D ? I recently just started playing D20 and it's so fun. <333

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    I always wanted to try it, but I want to find someone who knows how to play and learn from experience. I found out my friend has an awesomely nerdy family, and his older brother plays! I'll try it eventually.

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    I have some friends who play D 'n' D, but I never have played myself. I play, well used to play, magic the gathering.

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    Ooh! Me! Me! I'm stuck in the Dark Ages though; I play 2nd Edition rules.

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    I've played D 'n' D 3.5, 4, Shadowrun 3rd, D20 Post apocalyptic, and am going to be playing Deadlands here pretty quick with some friends.

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    I've always wanted to give DnD a try, I used to sit around reading all the manuals and learning the game, but sadly I have never found anyone who would be willing to help a newbie learn to play effectively with them. Maybe one day, you know?

    It seems like a great game and as a lover of RPG systems, which it is very much responsible for in a way, and roleplaying it just seems like a perfect thing for me.

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    I play 3.5 and 2.0. Some eberron, some bizarre creations of people's imaginations. It all depends on who likes doing what. It's all fun, though. Just make sure you take every chance you can, in game. You get some of the best stories that way.

    Like this one time, I was DMing for a bunch of my friends and my brother, and they're flying on this airship. (Eberron rules, it's literally a flying galleon.) And they got attacked by this giant owl. And everyone's knocked out except for my brother. Well, he's a samauri, who, for some strange reason, took no ranged weapons. But! He had a grappling hook.

    "Duncan," he says. "I want to try to grab it with my grappling hook."

    "Okay," I say. "But you're probably not going to be able to hit him."

    "Okay." says he, and rolls. And the next thing I see is this shit eating grin.

    He rolled a natural 20. Now, for those of you who don't know, (and it'll probably be damned few of you), a natural 20 pretty much means that you did whatever it was you were intending to do... And then some. In this case, he not only grappled the bird, but that motherfucker was going down.

    "Okay. So you manage to hook the owl around the neck, hold fast, and swing it into the deck. The bird's tangled up, and stuck on the ground."

    The bird didn't last another round.

    And then there was the time when a bone demon pulled a groin muscle on a critical fumble.

    D&D rules.
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    OD&D & 3.5 were fine, I have to say 4th ed is easier for me but nothing compares to Mutants & Masterminds!

    I find even with the smoothing out of the system to 4th ed players are expected to know too many rules for my taste.

    Love the Realms, Darksun, City of doors and Dragonlance (before they broke it.)

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