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Thread: How should I spend it?

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    Default How should I spend it?

    Completely random question. For the last year I have been saving my money, mainly because I really didn't have anything I desperately wanted to buy. Now suddenly I have stuff I want to buy. I have about $80,please help me decide, I am very indecisive. That's kinda why I made this post. :P
    -games for my xbox or ps3
    -new cymbals for my drums
    -swords and knifes for my collection
    - or anything else, please leave a response if you have an idea.

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    I well go with the swords and knifes but thats me

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    I save it since Xmas is right around the corner. Not to mention the crazy amount of good games that come out around this time to compete for the holiday sales.

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    Actually my birthday is December 17, 8 days away from Christmas, so I could save it till then and have a lot more money.

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    Your birthday is one day after mine ^_^ LOL random, but I'd say video games since a lot of awesome games come out near the holidays ^_^

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    Cymbals sound good to me! I might be biased cus I'm having too much fun with my new guitar.
    Something about music, soothes the beast in my brain...

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    Cymbals. How good are cymbals in that price range actually?
    I wouldn't know, I play guitar...

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    This may sound cheesy, but save it for an experience. The memories will last a lifetime. Okay...I said my non-materialistic piece. it for a new game coming out around your birthday.

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