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Thread: Who's over 40?

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    Default Who's over 40?

    I saw a post from someone who is over 50 like me. Who else out there is an older diaper lover?

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    I am 48, been using and wearing diapers everyday for the past 5 years, and have been into them since I was 20.

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    I'm 58, I wear when I can but not 24/7. I've been actually wearing and using diapers since my early 30's. I was potty trained before I was 2 and I think my interest comes from not having had my share of time diapered as a toddler.

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    I was born in July 1964 and have been urinary incontinent since 1976.

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    GAAH! 41 here, but I don't look/act/feel/acknowledge it! Interested in diapers since I was preschool.

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    I just turned 50 a couple of weeks ago. And like the song says, I'm much too young to feel this da**ed old. Been enjoying diapers, wet pants, wet beds since.....I dunno, since nearly as long as I can remember. I think I was about 8-9 years old the first time I can remember wetting my pants deliberately... found out it felt good and never stopped.

    One thing about getting older...old men, like little kids are kind of expected to have wetting issues. I have no doubt I'll eventually end up a doddering old man someday (if I live long enough), bumbling around peeing my pants & bed, probably diapered. And while that may seem unpleasant to some, for a lifelong DL it actually doesn't sound all that bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by michphantom View Post
    I saw a post from someone who is over 50 like me. Who else out there is an older diaper lover?
    Ah-HA! I'm young!

    What fun the whole "perspective" thing is, eh?

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