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Thread: Hi Everyone in here !!

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    Default Hi Everyone in here !!

    Hi it is Dan here,

    I am very happy to find this forum !
    I have been wearing nappies for fun since I was about 10 and still love them.
    I have many hobbies and the one that I really love currently is kitesurfing which is fantastic.


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    Hi Danllyons,

    Welcome to ADISC. I like your name - it reminds me of Dandilions

    Well done for making an introduction - I see you've already been a member here for over a year! Anyway, it's great to have another person from the UK joining us, there's really quite a few of us now.

    Wow, kitesurfing! I'd be lying if I said I knew what that was without googling it (although I did guess it would be something to do with surfing with a kite) but the pictures I found on google lead me to believe it would be really fun!? Although I can't even body-board without falling off so I think it might be a bit tricky for me. Do you live near the coast, or do you have to travel somewhere special to do it? I'm from Wales and surrounded by coast but although I've seen lots of surfers, and lots of people with kites, I've never seen the two combined. Do you do regular surfing as well?

    And aside from kitesurfing, what are some of the other hobbies you elude to?

    Look forward to hearing more from you
    - Jess

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