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    Does anyone know anything about Actifit Briefs? They are one of the few brands I've found here in India, and a little research has shown that they are imported from the U.S., but I've never heard of or seen them there. I can't find anything else about them, including where they're produced or their website or anything. Any info would be appreciated before I go and spend money on them.

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    Resource Innovative Technologies, Ltd., 362 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK , 10001 so far this is what i have found this is the corporation that owns the trademark for actifit

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    newer address and phone number
    Resource Innovative Technologies LtdResource Innovative Technologies Ltd
    1 W 34th St # 902
    New York, NY 10001-3011
    (212) 239-2106

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    91-22-26480097 phone number for the indian company handling sales of actifit known as Actifit India Pvt. Ltd

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    I found Actifit India, and it looks like the product is manufactured here, and shipped to the US too. I just assumed they were imported since the package had the product info in English and Spanish. However, to confuse the issue further, it looks like they have two product lines: Actifit and Easyfit. I can't find enough info to determine if one is a replacement for the other, or if one is aimed at a slightly different demographic. The Actifit just talks about having more SAP, and has this description:

    1) Designed to fit the body, with elastic at the legs

    2) Anti-leak barriers

    3) Double replaceable plastic adhesive tabs

    4) Absorbent core

    5) Frontal Tape

    6) Wetness indicator


    1) Medium size: 650 x 800mm (110g)

    2) Large size: 750 x 900mm (120g)

    Whereas the Easyfit says it has Features:1) Designed to fit the body, with elastic at the legs2) Anti-leak barriers 3) Double replaceable plastic adhesive tabs 4) Absorbent core 5) Wetness indicator
    And the package mentions "netted channels", which I guess are standing leg guards. I did find a whole list of other products on Alibaba (wholesale networking site), and will see if I can locate any of the others in any stores here. In the meantime, any observation would be appreciated. Specifically, what capacity should I be looking at? Is 1500ml a good amount or is it too little? I plan to be able to wear in public as well as ABing out at home, so I'm trying to find the best product for both/either.

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